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V.I.P Wedding Showcase Giveaway

V.I.P Wedding Showcase Giveaway

It’s Wedding Season! We all know 2020 was a tough year for planning... well anything… but ESPECIALLY a wedding. Luckily, it’s now 2021 and Northeast Ohio Weddings Magazine has everything you need to get ready.

Northeast Ohio Weddings Magazine
is hosting a showcase and it will get you prepared and excited for your big day. The area’s best vendors will be there to display their products and services and answer all the questions you have.

But what could make that day even better? How about free tickets? Northeast Ohio Weddings Magazine have decided to partner with our podcast, Weddings Unveiled with Leah Longbrake, and do a giveaway for two tickets to the show. Experience the marriage-to-be bliss. FOR FREE.

To enter: subscribe to Weddings Unveiled with Leah Longbrake below.

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