Untangling history’s greatest controversies

Every month, host Zach Cornwell takes a hard look at the historical conflicts that raise difficult questions, stoke controversy, and send our moral compasses spinning.

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About Conflicted

Every episode is a meticulously researched exploration of significant historical events, shedding light on the narratives that have shaped our societies and our understanding of the world. These conflicts, whether they be wars, revolutions, ideological clashes, or social upheavals, are more than just footnotes in history; they are the crucibles in which humanity's values, beliefs, and ethics have been tested.

Jump right in with “Hiroo Onoda & The Surrender of Japan.” This signature episode tells the tale of a Japanese soldier who emerged from the Philippine jungle, unaware that World War 2 had been over for nearly 30 years. His story is interwoven with the transformation of Japan after submitting to defeat at the hands of Allied troops. This story closely investigates where loss wanes and hope intervenes.

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The Kinsey Report – Part 3

Conflicted | S:3 E:49
In January of 1948, Alfred Kinsey releases his first book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, igniting a firestorm of controversy across the Unite...
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The Kinsey Report – Part 2

Conflicted | S:3 E:48
As Dr. Alfred Kinsey begins his foray into sex research in 1938, he faces a rising tide of controversy at Indiana University, and is soon confront...
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The Kinsey Report – Part 1

Conflicted | S:3 E:47
In 1948, Dr. Alfred Kinsey wrote the book on sex. “The Kinsey Report”, as it came to be known, was a pioneering scientific study on the sexual hab...
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History Daily: The Pirate Trial of 1720

Conflicted | S:3 E:46
This featured guest episode of History Daily examines the events of November 16th, 1720. On that day, the trials of notorious pirates Anne Bonny, ...
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