Destroying the Diversity & Inclusion Narrative

Julie and Torin are serious about destroying the lame, losing and punitive Diversity and Inclusion narrative while chasing a narrative of ambition and freedom to explore.

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1 Year of Crazy and the King!

Julie and Torin are celebrating the first anniversary of their partnership in building Crazy and the King as a must-listen Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion pod. All we thank each and every listener and supporter, especially Chad Sowash, for getting us started on this wild journey together. This week, Torin and Julie start with a review of Diversity and Leadership - Creating Accountability for Inclusive, Responsive Leadership by Todd Corley of the Tapo Institute. Then they explore the dark side of the church and mental illness. Did you know churches are are exempt from the ADAAA guidelines? We didn't either, but it is the cost of these exemptions is costing ministers their lives. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR CRAZY AND THE KING!

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