Destroying the Diversity & Inclusion Narrative

Julie and Torin are serious about destroying the lame, losing and punitive Diversity and Inclusion narrative while chasing a narrative of ambition and freedom to explore.

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NYE 2019: 70MM Jobs with Adrienne Hatter

In our last episode of 2019, Torin and Julie talk with Adrienne Hatter of 70 Million Jobs. If you are thinking about how to start 2020 with a big impact for every diverse community consider how your organization can and SHOULD integrate talented jobseekers with prior convictions into your workforce. Adrienne talks us through 70 Million Jobs and gets us thinking about inclusion and integration. Happy New Year from The Crazy and The King Podcast! Torin and Julie will be back and ready to change the world with each one of you in 2020! PREPARE YOURSELF FOR CRAZY AND THE KING 2020!!!

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Temper Tantrums and Papal Progress

Julie and Torin catch up on this week's leading D/I stories. Handling political discussions at work, Pope Francis moving the needle for LGBTQ rights, Indeed's....we mean Glassdoor's play to get your diversity data and finally child free employees want everything to be "fair" - What do you think?
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Thanks, Glassdoor....More D/I Busy Work

| S:Thanks, Glassdoor....More D/I Busy Work
Julie and Torin spend some time talking SCOTUS nominations then jump into Glassdoor's new D/I "solution" and the value of company released diversity reports.
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The Heart of Whiteness

Torin and Julie pull out their favorite and now more timely interview from 2019. In the full interview with author, professor and self-proclaimed woke white dude, Dr. Robert Jensen.
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Not Gonna Say We Told Ya So.....But, Yeah.

Torin took a lot of sh*t for calling out Trump's EO on diversity training a couple of weeks ago. Well, Well. Well. He isn't gonna say he told ya, but Julie is. There is always a next step and slight of hand with this White House. Then the D/I story of our lifetime drops in the Rand Corporation's report on Income Trends from 1975-2018. Yeah, we said the D/I story of our lives.
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