Destroying the Diversity & Inclusion Narrative

Julie and Torin are serious about destroying the lame, losing and punitive Diversity and Inclusion narrative while chasing a narrative of ambition and freedom to explore.

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Women of West Point and A&E's The Employables

On Episode 10, Julie and Torin celebrate the graduating class of African American women from West Point and discuss their importance to all women in the military. Julie also wows over A&E's new show 'The Employables'--It's a must-watch for leaders in Talent Acquisition and Diversity and Inclusion. Prepare yourself for #CrazyAndTheKing!

Name Drops: Julie: Dennis Tupper (not Jeff), Smashfly, The Weddles and the team at TATech, and Tengai, the interviewing robot.

Torin: Robert Smith and the very grateful Morehouse class of 2019 Links:

West Point Women:

A&E's The Employables:

More on Torin and Julie: Julie:


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