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Pay No Mind To The Dataminer

This week is your last chance to win VIP tickets to Wizard World Comic-Con in St. Louis, can't wait to announce the winner. One the show, however, data mining is a big thing especially if you find a few secrets as we did in DragonBall FighterZ and Sea Of Thieves. Also, Xbox Gamepass is evolving, Borderland could be getting a 3rd, and an Atari God is cut down to size. All that and more this week on the Game Fix Show.

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Xbox Finally Beats Out Skittles

The long rivalry of Xbox vs Skittles finally comes to an end.
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The Most Expensive Episode Ever

This is the most money we've ever talked about in one episode. Each stories total goes like this... $874mil, $760mil, $372K, and $5K.
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Mario May Die, EVO May Live

Turns out Mario might die at some point, this is a strange story. Also Resident Evil goes multiplayer, EVO has new life, Animal Crossing farts, PSVR2, and episode 1 of Falcon and The Winter Soldier.
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Frank Grillo Joins The Show

t was an honor to have MCU's Frank Grillo on the show, it was a fantastic interview, DON'T MISS IT!
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