Information Security Podcast

Information Security Podcast

This podcast shines a light on a range of topics regarding Information Security including data security laws, cyber threat detection, driving information technology to leverage your business, and so much more.

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This episode of the Information Security Podcast features an interview with Grant Asplund @gasplund from Check Point Software @CheckPointSW with host Rob Nettgen (@Robert_Nettgen). This episode explores the factors an organization should consider when “Migrating to the Public Cloud”.

Key Discussion Points and Actionable Items:

  • The importance of an organization recognizing the difference between a public cloud provider vs. the end customer’s responsibility in both migrating and operating in the public cloud
  • Proper preparation and planning are critical to any cloud migration
  • Acknowledging that a key “hindrance” to public cloud adoption is security and the importance of addressing it before attempting a migration to the public cloud
  • Take advantage of the “free” resources available from the public cloud providers to prepare for a public cloud migration.

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Additional Information and Resources:

For additional information on the Information Security Summit, please visit us on the web at or on Twitter (@InfoSecurSummit). Planning is underway for the Summit 2020 scheduled for October 26 through October 30, 2020, please join us!

If you enjoyed the conversation with Grant Asplund, check out Grant’s podcast, Talking Cloud, featuring interviews regarding secure migration strategies to the public cloud.

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Employee Security Awareness

This episode of the Information Security Podcast features an interview with Lauren Zink from Oportun with host Rob Nettgen. This episode’s conversation discusses the importance of “Employee Security Awareness” as part of an organization’s overall Cyber Security Strategy.
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Cyber Incident Response and Business

This episode features an interview with Tom Hardin from the Franciscan Alliance with host Rob Nettgen. The conversation discusses the correlation between “Cyber Incident Response and Business” and the importance of preparing for Cyber Incidents within an organization.
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Security Friends

This is a “special” Holiday episode of the Information Security Podcast which features host Rob Nettgen (@Robert_Nettgen) along with a special group of “Security Friends”. The conversation is lively and entertaining with commentary on a number of recent cyber security news events.
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In Pursuit of Cyber Criminals

In this episode, Special Agent Ryan Macfarlane from the FBI's Cyber Crime Unit discusses the role of the FBI in the “battle” against Cyber Criminals and how an organization can leverage the services of the FBI in the event of a Cyber Security Incident.
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