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Stephen Stanton and a Cast of Thousands!

We welcome back yet another talented actor from the recently concluded STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS as Stephen Stanton joins us In The Cantina. We review Stephen's entire massive dossier of Star Wars character voices from TCW, REBELS, ROGUE ONE and beyond. And our long-time listeners know Stephen never travels alone, so he brought along his star-studded "Book Club" for a ton of laughs! Plus, Hayden Christenson talk, the Taika Waititi announcement, and more!

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Calling All Star Wars Collectors with Lisa Whelchel!

Rebel Force Radio
We look forward towards Jimmy Mac's upcoming appearance on MeTV's Collector's Call with show host Lisa Whelchel. We've known Lisa for years as Blair from The Facts Of Life, and now she is visiting collectors all over the country to spotlight them on "Collector's Call."
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Clone Wars: Declassified: SERIES FINALE

Rebel Force Radio
Joining us to break down the spine-tingling series finale are two core members of the RFR Roundtable family, Transformers producer F.J. DeSanto and Fanboys director Kyle Newman.
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Clone Wars: Declassified "Shattered"

Rebel Force Radio
We celebrate the penultimate episode of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS with a killer Roundtable featuring Billy Mac and Kevin Liell, plus live listener calls as we break down THE SIEGE OF MANDALORE Part Three: SHATTERED.
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Matt Lanter & Last Call for Anakin Skywalker

Rebel Force Radio
Just like Ahsoka, we desperately need to talk to Anakin Skywalker before he turns to the Dark Side of The Force. So naturally, Matt Lanter has returned to RFR to take a CLONE WARS victory lap and celebrate the series wrap-up with “The Siege of Mandalore."
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