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Films That Formed the Tween Collective Unconscious of the Y2K Era

Welcome to Sleepover Cinema, where we analyze the films that created the collective unconscious of the girls and gays of the late 90s and early 2000s.

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Barbie as The Princess and The Pauper

| S:2 E:13

2004’s direct-to-video classic “Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper” is the sort of movie that was part gripping cinema, part ubiquitous basement background noise for a generation of girls and gays. In celebration of this truth, sister-cousins of Hannah and Audrey, Erin and Julia, join the pod today to relive their youth.

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Jump In!

| S:2 E:12
Double dutch, wildly unsubtle use of stunt doubles, and rated-G discussions toxic masculinity in tact… what do we think?
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School of Rock ft. Rivkah Reyes

| S:1 E:11
2003’s “School of Rock” may be the most ubiquitously adored film of our generation.
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Get A Clue

| S:2 E:10
Relentlessly flawless fashion, the magic of a tween Lindsay Lohan, AND Y2K proto-video chats? 2002’s “Get A Clue” has all that AND MORE, a mystery set in NYC fantasia.
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Bring It On

| S:2 E:9
Hate them cause they’re beautiful? Well, they don’t like you either.
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The Team

Hannah Leach

Host & Producer
A graduate of NYU Tisch Dramatic Writing in 2017, Hannah is an audio producer, musician, educator, and writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. She is the older sister (and a leo).

Audrey Leach

A graduate of NYU Tisch Film & TV in 2019, Audrey is a documentary filmmaker and editor based in NYC. She is the younger sister (and a cancer).

Sean Rule-Hoffman

Audio Engineer
Sean hails from Orange Village, Ohio. He earned a degree in Music Technology with a minor in Electronic Media and Film from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.