Sleepover Cinema

Films That Formed the Tween Collective Unconscious of the Y2K Era

Welcome to Sleepover Cinema, where we analyze the films that created the collective unconscious of the girls and gays of the late 90s and early 2000s.

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Glitter ft. Yhara Zayd

| S:6 E:12

Glitter ft. Yhara Zayd

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Sleepover Cinema | S:6 E:11
1937’s “The one that started it all” has it all— singing animals, cinematic and artistic history, and… very unsettling undertones about death and ...
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High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Sleepover Cinema | S:6 E:10
“This is the last time to get it right” as we round out our non-chronological trio of High School Musical episodes....
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The 10th Kingdom ft. Scott Cohen

Sleepover Cinema | S:6 E:9
Perhaps the truest example of art that formed our shared unconscious, “The 10th Kingdom” is a fantasy mini-series that aired on NBC in 2000 (and a...
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John Tucker Must Die

Sleepover Cinema | S:6 E:8
An icon of non-monogamous representation, John Tucker is the guy every straight girl yearns to date… despite the fact that he seems concretely gay...
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Check out these amazing photos from Sleepover Cinema's live podcast event in Arizona as part of She Podcasts earlier this month.

Photos by Margarita Corporan

The Team

Hannah Leach

Host & Producer
A graduate of NYU Tisch Dramatic Writing in 2017, Hannah is an audio producer, musician, educator, and writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. She is the older sister (and a leo).

Audrey Leach

A graduate of NYU Tisch Film & TV in 2019, Audrey is a documentary filmmaker and editor based in NYC. She is the younger sister (and a cancer).

Sean Rule-Hoffman

Audio Engineer
Sean hails from Orange Village, Ohio. He earned a degree in Music Technology with a minor in Electronic Media and Film from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.