Leaders as Humble as They are Successful

Refreshingly candid conversations with some of today's most humble leaders. Adam Kaufman dives into topics often left unexplored. His guests’ challenges, fears, and motivations show what it takes to become a humble leader.

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Bernie Moreno was born in Colombia and moved to the United States with his family at just 5 years old. Mom and Dad, along with Bernie’s 6 siblings crammed into a 2 bedroom condo and began a new life in a foreign land. His family took a risk to reinvent themselves. That same determination, belief in self, and tenacity was passed on to Bernie. As an adult, he risked everything to purchase an underperforming car dealership, eventually having over 15 car dealerships under ownership. Having achieved immense success in the retail car market, he has now turned his attention to the emerging technology of blockchain.


The 10 Commandments at Bernie Moreno dealerships.

  1. Thou shall have fun
  2. Thou shall love thy product
  3. Thou shall follow the process
  4. Thou shall present options
  5. Thou shall overcome objections
  6. Thou shall have a positive and enthusiastic attitude
  7. Thou shall be a great listener
  8. Thou shall pay attention to details
  9. Thou shall respond to clients immediately
  10. Thou shall embrace technology

Find out more about Bernie Moreno and his companies at BernieMoreno.com

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Just to take a step back and reflect… these conversations on our Wake Up Call podcast series are truly evergreen: everlasting in spirit and refreshingly genuine. Our team is grateful for these down to earth, thought-provoking exchanges with people from all walks of life. As this podcast has grown, it seems we’ve grown, together.

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The Team

Adam Kaufman

Founder of the Up2 Foundation, Adam loves helping leaders grow their companies and is an advisor/on the board to several entrepreneurs and their companies.

Brigid Coyne

Production Director
With a production background stemming from her education in Literature and the Liberal Arts, Brigid loves reading books and making terrible puns.

Dave Douglas

Producer & Audio Engineer
Dave is an established audio professional with a diverse set of skills and experience. He also works as a composer, studio musician and live audio engineer.

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