Leaders as Humble as They are Successful

Refreshingly candid conversations with some of today's most humble leaders. Adam Kaufman dives into topics often left unexplored. His guests’ challenges, fears, and motivations show what it takes to become a humble leader.

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Navigating Curves in the Road with Bobby George

| S:1 E:2

In this episode, Adam talks with his good friend Bobby George. Bobby never let his health challenges prevent him from creating the restaurant empire he has today. Instead, he used his knowledge of healthy eating practices to open the first all non-GMO restaurant, Townhall. He continues to grow his portfolio as he expands into private equity, working with companies where he knows he can make a difference. Let’s find out what Bobby is up to!

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Creating Connectivity with Charu Ramanathan

| S:1 E:3
In this episode Adam interviews Charu Ramanathan, an influential entrepreneur who speaks with us about the lessons she’s learned, how she became a better leader along the way, her view on parenting, and the importance of role modeling.
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Blockchain and Big Ideas with Repeat Entreprenuer Marc Blinder

| S:1 E:1
For the first official episode of the Up2 season, Adam Kaufman interviews Marc Blinder, founder of one of the hottest blockchain companies in Silicon Valley.
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Sneak Peak

| S:1
Coming soon: Find out what today's leaders are Up2 through refreshingly candid conversation! Figures in business, medicine, military and more...
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