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The West Indies are most people's 2nd favourite cricket team, and our West Indies hosts are loved across the cricket world. Machel St Patrick Hewitt & Santokie Nagulendran are a mirror to every fan's roller-coaster emotional ride following the West Indies cricket team.

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Evergreen Podcasts Launches Cricket-Based Podcast Channel Powered by 99.94 DM

Evergreen Podcasts is thrilled to announce that it will launch a cricket-based podcast channel in 2023 with a new partnership powered by 99.94 DM.... read more

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The Team

Machel St Patrick Hewitt

Machel St Patrick Hewitt is a Jamaican born-South London-raised freelance sports journalist/broadcaster. who has featured for BBC, Wisden, and The Cricketer. He is most often found behind a mic or laptop in any number of sports grounds across the country.

Santokie Nagulendran

Santokie Nagulendran is a freelance sports journalist who covers football and cricket, as well as being a long suffering Guyana Amazon Warriors fan. He has written for ESPN Cricinfo, The Guardian and The Nightwatchman amongst others

Nick McCorriston

Podcast Content Lead
Nick McCorriston is a professional podcast engineer and editor, operating out of Canberra, Australia. He produces Jarrod Kimber's chart-topping cricket podcasts and has a roster of clients around the globe.