Anthology of Heroes

Epic Tales of Defiance Throughout History

Anthology Of Heroes unpacks epic tales of defiance throughout history. Join Elliot Gates to uncover the forgotten stories of those who shaped our world.

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About Anthology of Heroes

Embark on a riveting exploration of history with Anthology of Heroes, a podcast guided by the dynamic and impassioned host, Elliot Gates. In each episode, Elliot serves as your storyteller, unlocking the heroic narratives of individuals who defied the odds, challenged norms, and left their mark on our history.

From the doomed rebellion of Vercingetorix against Rome to Osceola's unyielding war against the USA, and to the inspiring Sobibor Concentration Camp uprising during World War II, Anthology of Heroes illuminates the resilience, courage, and unwavering spirit of these unsung and iconic figures who shaped our world.

The podcast is a dedication to resurrecting the voices of those overshadowed by time, ensuring that their stories are not consigned to mere footnotes in history, but rather given the recognition they rightfully deserve.

Meticulously researched and enriched with immersive soundscapes and background music, each episode promises a compelling and immersive listening experience. Anthology of Heroes invites you on a journey through time, where the echoes of defiance resonate across the centuries.

More than just a podcast, Anthology of Heroes is an exploration of the human spirit—an ode to those who stood against the currents of their era and a celebration of the remarkable individuals who shaped the world we live in today.

Start your journey today with a listener-favorite episode: "Hungary's Deathblow: Massacre At Mohács" unraveling the collapse of the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary.

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More About Anthology of Heroes

  • What is this podcast about?
    • Elliot Gates shares the most mind-blowing and unbelievable tales of defiance throughout world history. Epic Last stands, doomed final speeches and spectacular victories, find them all here.
  • Is this show appropriate for all ages?
    • Generally, yes. There are occasional cuss words, but if an episode discusses mature themes (usually descriptions of graphic violence) I will put a warning at the start of an episode.
  • Where can I find the sources you used?
    • All sources used can be found within the show notes for each individual episode.
  • Where can I listen to it?
  • Where can I get the latest updates?
    • Our Instagram page has regular postings about next episodes, as well as supporting pictures. We also have Facebook.

For more information, please visit the official website.

The Team

Elliot Gates

Host, Writer, Editor
Lifelong Dan Carlin fan and history nerd, Elliot is an Australian living in London. He can usually be found in café with a flat white coffee and an old book.