What is a Branded Podcast?

A branded podcast is a unique form of content marketing where a company creates a podcast to promote their products or services. It typically features engaging and informative content that is relevant to the company's industry and audience.

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Why Create a Branded Podcast?

A branded podcast can offer numerous benefits to your company, including:

Niche Audiences

Connect with Niche Audiences

By targeting specific topics or interests relevant to your industry, your podcast can reach smaller but highly engaged audiences.
Offer Value

Offer Value

Podcasts can offer your audience valuable information, education, or entertainment, building loyalty and advocacy for your brand.
Humanize Your Brand

Humanize Your Brand

A podcast can put a human face on your brand, giving listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the people and ideas behind your business.

Keys to a Successful Branded Podcast

Source: CoHost.com

Why Brands Trust Us



We have all of the tools to create a quality product - the space, microphones, software, script templates, distribution methods, and more!


We have talented producers, in-house sound engineers, and a dedicated creative team who are all experts in podcasting.


We allow clients the time to focus on the bigger picture and the message, as opposed to the gritty details that bog down most DIY podcasters.


We take care of the distribution, from identifying your target market to getting your podcast in front of the right people.

Examples of Branded Podcasts

Evergreen also produces engaging content for leading brands and thought leaders in a wide-variety of industries. Whether you're promoting a new book or disrupting the marketplace, we take "brand first" approach to each podcast we produce.

Branded Podcasts

Evergreen also produces engaging content for leading brands and thought leaders in a wide-variety of industries. Whether you’re promoting a new book or disrupting the marketplace, we take a “brand first” turnkey approach to each podcast we produce.

A branded podcast is a platform created by a brand or a business looking to create awareness and elevate brand identification of value in the eyes of consumers. Podcasts present the opportunity to build a relationship with potential customers by showing off the brand’s values, provide industry credibility, in their own unique voice and style so that the message resonates with the listener/consumer.

Living For We

A production for Cleveland's Ideastream Pubic Media, a local NPR affiliate; includes a Mental Health Professional as a recurring guest for a closing segment.
Living For We Podcast

Banking Transformed

Hosted by top 5 fintech influencer, Jim Marous, this show explores how financial institutions can prepare for the future of banking.
Banking Transformed Podcast


A branded production for a Cleveland hospital on the opioid epidemic.
OnePath Podcast


Since 2013, Storyworth has helped people write their life stories— the big stories and the small ones. On this podcast, our real-life writers volunteered to share their stories publicly... with you.
Storyworth Podcast

because I said I would.

A single promise can change a life forever. And every promise has a story...
because I said I would. Podcast

Business Fluent

Business Fluent is a forum where small businesses can tune in to find out the answers to their business concerns, gather insight from business experts, and discuss how the current environment impacts our communities.
Business Fluent Podcast

Innovation In Equality

Innovation In Equality seeks to confront the racial and gender gap in entrepreneurship and VC investing through candid conversations with experts and influencers.
Innovation In Equality Podcast

Solutions for a Simpler Life

Learn how to live a satisfying life through our interviews with homesteaders, cooks, gardeners and employees who help your journey to a simpler life.
Solutions for a Simpler Life Podcast

Then There's Cleveland

This podcast features guest interviews with some of Cleveland’s finest and gives perspective on what makes the 216 one of the best urban cities in America.
Then There's Cleveland Podcast


Branded Podcast Services

Partner with our team to conceptualize, create and distribute your original podcast program, elevating your brand and market position. Together, from start to finish, we’ll make a podcast that connects people with your story.

You will be assigned a producer, engineer, and account manager to assist in every step of the project. There will be several meetings held to discuss your goals, target audience, structure of the show, scripting, potential guests, timeline, scheduling, distribution tactics, and more. The producer will also assist you in planning for each episode.

Evergreen's studios are available for every recording along with a sound engineer and producer. We also have mobile recording capabilities — we can help you capture audio at live events, provide a setup to record at home, or capture audio of guests that are remote while you’re in studio with us.

Once recorded, the Evergreen team will take the raw audio and turn it into a quality podcast, ready to distribute to listeners. This includes adding an intro/outro, music, editing, mixing, and mastering.

Evergreen partners with the largest leading podcast hosting platform, Megaphone to provide our clients and podcast partners the best tools available to host, distribute and analyze the podcasts in our network. Evergreen will assist you in creating the show bio, episode descriptions, and will submit your podcast to over 10 listening platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Google Podcasts and more). We will ensure each episode is uploaded and distributed on schedule and will provide an embed code for each episode for your website.

Innovative Brand Marketing

As part of “brand first” approach, we offer innovative creative direction and strategy for your podcast from our inhouse digital media agency, Moss Media. When you are ready to take your podcast to the next level, work with Chief Creative Officer, David Allen Moss, and his team to develop marketing collateral and assist in growing listenership.


  • Podcast Brand Strategy & Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design, UI/UX
  • Print & Digital Content
  • Event/Tradeshow Branding
  • Video & Photography
  • Custom Mobile App