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Indian Cricket on 99.94DM

Nikesh Rughani and Sarah Waris talk about all things Indian cricket: Match analysis, series previews, player stories and all developments in an around Indian men and women's cricket, and how it impacts the rest of the cricket world.
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Indian Cricket on 99.94DM Podcast

England on 99.94DM

Legendary broadcaster and commentator, Daniel Norcross and cricket writer supremo, Rory Dollard are our England podcast hosts. With Norcross' smooth delivery and Dollard's down to earth Northern humour, it's as fine a partnership as any in the glorious history of England cricket.
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England on 99.94DM Podcast

South Africa on 99.94 DM

There is always so much more to South African cricket than just the cricket. Veteran broadcaster and author Neil “Manners” Manthorp and journalist and film maker, Lungani Zama are uniquely positioned to bring you stories from South African cricket.
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South Africa on 99.94 DM Podcast

West Indies on 99.94DM

The West Indies are most people's 2nd favourite cricket team, and our West Indies hosts are loved across the cricket world. Machel St Patrick Hewitt & Santokie Nagulendran are a mirror to every fan's roller-coaster emotional ride following the West Indies cricket team.
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West Indies on 99.94DM Podcast

Sri Lanka on 99.94DM

Mark Machado is a popular raconteur of Sri Lankan cricket stories and hosts the popular Murali end podcast. He is joined by Estelle Vasudevan, a critically acclaimed sports editor at to discuss all things Sri Lankan cricket.
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Sri Lanka on 99.94DM Podcast