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Osiris Music Podcasts

From intimate artist interviews and in-depth explorations of musical genres to thought-provoking discussions on the cultural currents that influence our lives, our podcasts are your gateway to a harmonious blend of creativity and insight. Tune in and let the power of music and culture ignite your senses and broaden your perspective.


A Deep Dive Into the History of Phish
Listen to Undermine
Undermine Podcast

Helping Friendly Podcast

Exploring the music and fan experience of Phish, through interviews and deep dives on shows and tours.
Listen to Helping Friendly Podcast
Helping Friendly Podcast Podcast

Inside the Musician’s Brain

A deep dive into everything that’s underneath the music and the artists that inspire us.
Listen to Inside the Musician’s Brain
Inside the Musician’s Brain Podcast

The Corner of Grey Street

The Corner of Grey Street Podcast was created to dive deeper into the past, present, and future of the musical world surrounding the Dave Matthews Band. It recaps current shows while the band is on tour, highlight special performances from throughout their career, interview a wide array of personalities, and much more!
Listen to The Corner of Grey Street
The Corner of Grey Street Podcast

36 From the Vault

The definitive overview of the Dead's celebrated live show releases.
Listen to 36 From the Vault
36 From the Vault Podcast

No Simple Road

A podcast about the messy reality of living a creative life, hosted by musician and frontman for the Old 97s.
Listen to No Simple Road
No Simple Road Podcast

The Tapes Archive

A podcast that unearths never-before-heard conversations with world-class musicians and comedians.
Listen to The Tapes Archive
The Tapes Archive Podcast

Wheels Off with Rhett Miller

Conversations About Creativity
Listen to Wheels Off with Rhett Miller
Wheels Off with Rhett Miller Podcast

Inappropriate Happiness

Karina Rykman and Issac Slone rehash the big music news of the week + share the best sounds reaching their ears
Listen to Inappropriate Happiness
Inappropriate Happiness Podcast

Moods & Modes

Exploring Renowned Musicians through Conversation
Listen to Moods & Modes
Moods & Modes Podcast

Freak Flag Flying

Rock legend David Crosby, in conversation with his friend, author Steve Silberman
Listen to Freak Flag Flying
Freak Flag Flying Podcast

Storm Sound

The Evolution of Phish's Style and a Comprehensive Review of Goose's Concerts
Listen to Storm Sound
Storm Sound Podcast

The Show On The Road with Z. Lupetin

Interviews and exclusive acoustic performances with songwriters, bandleaders and musicians from around the world.
Listen to The Show On The Road with Z. Lupetin
The Show On The Road with Z. Lupetin Podcast

Best Show Ever with Cam Herdt

Listen as comedian Cam Herd invites special guests, musicians, and music journalists to reminisce about their concert-going careers and share untold stories from the history of seeing live music.
Listen to Best Show Ever with Cam Herdt
Best Show Ever with Cam Herdt Podcast

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