36 From the Vault

Reviewing the Grateful Dead's Celebrated Live Show Releases

36 from the Vault is the definitive overview of the Grateful Dead's live show releases. Hosted by music journalist and podcaster Steven Hyden and fellow music journalist Rob Mitchum, this series chronicles each live release, breaking down the historical context of the show while discussing musical, political, and sports-related trends of the time.

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The Team

Steven Hyden

Steven is Uproxx’s Cultural Critic and the co-host of Uproxx’s weekly indie rock podcast, Indiecast. He's also the author of several books about music, including “Long Road,” “This Isn’t Happening,” “Hard To Handle,” “Twilight Of The Gods,” and “Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me.” Prior to Uproxx, he was a staff writer and editor for Grantland and The A.V. Club.

Rob Mitchum

Rob is a writer who has done reviews, features and interviews written for Pitchfork, Paste, MTV Hive, Relix, and others.