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This Week in News: 3/15/19

Retrotone News | S:1 E:11
College cheaters and climate change. Falling planes and flying cars. Hear Rodge’s take on the latest!
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The Family Pet

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:12
Having a family pet is a big responsibility, but it’s far more rewarding because of the bond and love that is shared between you and your pet.
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Oops Upside Your Funk

Riffs on Riffs | S:1 E:16
Joe and Toby put the puzzle pieces of samples together for Mark Ronson’s  Grammy winning hit, “Uptown Funk,” and explore its many funk-inspired beats.
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This Week in News: 3/7/19

Retrotone News | S:1 E:10
From SpaceX's galactic galavanting to Hickenlooper's 2020 Presidential run, Rodge has all the goods in this week's news minute!
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