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This Week in News: 2/14/19

Retrotone News | S:1 E:07
Valentine’s Day with no Sweetheart Candy Hearts? Ron Burgundy confused as he debuts podcast and Twitter is as cynical as ever. Listen Up!
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I Love You More

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:8
Meet Kim’s daughter, Bailey, as they read “I Love You, More”, a book they had written together when Bailey was only 7.
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I Know You Want a Street Player

Riffs on Riffs | S:1 E:14
Uno. Dos. Tres. Cuatro! Let’s connect the musical dots between Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull with his mega hit “I Know You Want Me” and one of America’s most prolific rock bands of all time.
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This Week In News: 2/7/19

Retrotone News | S:1 E:06
What’s More American Than Chicken Nuggets and an Iffy State of the Union Address?!
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