No Simple Road

Exploring the Music Community

More than just a Grateful Dead Podcast. Join the hosts of No Simple Road as they dive deep into the world of psychedelic exploration, music, art, and spirituality. Each week, they bring you captivating interviews with musicians, artists, authors, and visionaries from all walks of life.

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EpisodesNew episodes Monday and Friday


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The Team


Brought into being through the marriage of old Hollywood and circus folk… Aaron is the creator and co-host of the No Simple Road podcast. Aaron has spent a lifetime following the Magick of live music and has hosted over 300 in-depth interviews and conversations with some of the biggest names in the live music, psychedelic, jam band, and music festival worlds.


Matriarch and resident badass… Co-host of No Simple Road, Reiki Master, and practitioner of the healing arts. Melanie brings her unique feminine viewpoint to No Simple Road weekly and serves as the grounding rod and true north to the show. Mel works to spread healing in a number of modalities through spoken word, touch, Yoga, Reiki, Tarot, Aesthetics, and her art.


Lover of all things miniature and connoisseur of herbal remedies. Apple works as a facilitator in the cannabis industry helping individuals find holistic and natural alternatives. His contribution has been an integral piece in the success of the show by connecting with guests, on a human level, with honesty and humor.