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Music, storytime and learning go hand-in-hand

Storytime Anytime with the Twins Sisters® is a brand-new kids podcast brought to you by Twin Sisters Digital Media and Evergreen Podcasts. Music, story time and learning go "hand-in-hand" as kids explore fun topics like dinosaurs, sharks, animals, and more.

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Helping Our Planet

| E:22

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Blast Off: Into Space!

Storytime Anytime | E:21
Explore mankind’s final frontier - space!
Listen to Blast Off: Into Space!

Protons, Neutrons and Electrons

Storytime Anytime | E:20
Physics explores the smallest particles, the largest stars and the whole universe.
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The Chemistry Review

Storytime Anytime | E:19
Math, science, and a curious mind - that’s what chemists are made out of.
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Ants In My Pants

Storytime Anytime | E:18
Find out the difference between true bugs and insects.
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About Twin Sisters

Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand and Kim Mitzo Thompson are the twins behind Twin Sisters® Digital Media. Starting out with just one album titled “Rap with the Facts—Multiplication,” written for Kim’s third-grade students to help them memorize their facts, Karen and Kim decided to form a record label in 1987. Together they have led their company through thirty years of dynamic changes in the music and publishing industry. Beginning as a record label dedicated to teaching children through music, their discography grew to 3300 songs written, recorded, and fully owned by Twin Sisters®.

The Team

Kim Mitzo Thompson

As part of the Twin Sisters® duo Kim’s love of music and teaching has inspired her to write thousands of award-winning educational products. Her voice can be heard on over 200 audiobooks for kids.

Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand

As part of the Twin Sisters® duo Karen’s leadership and entrepreneurship skills are why she was chosen as one of the 50 SMART Business Owners of 2017.

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