Music, storytime and learning go hand-in-hand

Storytime Anytime with the Twin Sisters® is a kids podcast brought to you by Twin Sisters Digital Media and Evergreen Podcasts. Music, story time and learning go "hand-in-hand" as kids explore fun topics like dinosaurs, sharks, animals, and more.

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Mermaids Under the Sea

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:125
Children will learn about diversity and celebrate that differences make us all unique and special....
Listen to Mermaids Under the Sea

Spanish Fun! Volume 2

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:124
Introduce kids to the joy of learning Spanish....
Listen to Spanish Fun! Volume 2

Relaxing Stories For Kids

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:123
Bedtime stories and lullabies make for the perfect end to a busy day....
Listen to Relaxing Stories For Kids

Spanish Fun! Volume 1

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:122
Introduce kids to the joy of learning Spanish....
Listen to Spanish Fun! Volume 1

Will You Be My Friend?

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:121
Treat others as you would like others to treat you....
Listen to Will You Be My Friend?

Worms & Other Gross Songs

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:120
Can you wiggle like a worm?...
Listen to Worms & Other Gross Songs

The Gingerbread Man & More!

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:119
Who can catch the Gingerbread Man?...
Listen to The Gingerbread Man & More!

I Love Horses!

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:118
Do horses really need shoes?...
Listen to I Love Horses!

The Night Before School

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:117
I’m scared to start school tomorrow!...
Listen to The Night Before School

Interesting Insects

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:116
What is an insect? Find out TODAY!...
Listen to Interesting Insects

Let's Learn About Dinosaurs

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:115
Kids find out why Tyrannosaurus rex didn’t get his supper in our latest episode!...
Listen to Let's Learn About Dinosaurs

I Love Bears!

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:114
Kids will learn where bears live, what they eat, and why they rest all winter....
Listen to I Love Bears!

The Buddy System

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:113
Kids will learn safety rules to help them make good choices to keep then safe....
Listen to The Buddy System

Jack And The Beanstalk

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:112
“Fee-fi-fo fun,” yelled the hungry giant as Jack grabbed the magic goose....
Listen to Jack And The Beanstalk

Bunny Tales

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:111
These Bunny Tales are guaranteed to make kids HOPPY!...
Listen to Bunny Tales

What's It Like to Be A Fish?

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:110
Kids imagine what it would be like to be a fish that lives in the ocean....
Listen to What's It Like to Be A Fish?

Animal Songs & Stories

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:109
Kids will meet noisy animals on Old MacDonald’s Farm...
Listen to Animal Songs & Stories

Wolves Are Not Just in Fairytales

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:108
Kids learn fascinating facts about wolves as fact and fiction combine to make for an exciting learning adventure!...
Listen to Wolves Are Not Just in Fairytales

Let's Go On A Safari!

Storytime Anytime | E:107
Kids visit the grasslands of Africa and go on a safari adventure!...
Listen to Let's Go On A Safari!

My BEST Day Ever

Storytime Anytime | E:106
Kids will have the BEST Day Ever with these songs and stories!...
Listen to My BEST Day Ever

Let's Learn About Sea Creatures

Storytime Anytime | E:105
Learn fascinating facts about the amazing creatures that live in the sea....
Listen to Let's Learn About Sea Creatures

Counting Fun For Little Ones

Storytime Anytime | E:104
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Kids will count again and again!...
Listen to Counting Fun For Little Ones

The Reason We Celebrate Christmas

Storytime Anytime | E:103
Join Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and the angels as they celebrate the birth of Jesus....
Listen to The Reason We Celebrate Christmas

Christmas Stories & Songs

Storytime Anytime | E:102
Get ready for Christmas cheer with holiday songs & stories!...
Listen to Christmas Stories & Songs

It's Turkey Time

Storytime Anytime | E:101
Kids will love the festive feast of Thanksgiving Day songs, turkey jokes, and more!...
Listen to It's Turkey Time

I'm Thankful For Being ME!

Storytime Anytime | E:100
Kids will learn what it means to build self-acceptance and to recognize all the things that make them unique...
Listen to I'm Thankful For Being ME!

I'm Ready To Go Trick-Or-Treating

Storytime Anytime | E:99
Kids will venture out on Halloween night with songs, safety tips, and more!...
Listen to I'm Ready To Go Trick-Or-Treating

The Not-So-Scary Halloween

Storytime Anytime | E:98
What is a ghost’s favorite dessert? Find out in our “Not-So-Scary” Halloween adventure!...
Listen to The Not-So-Scary Halloween

Humpty Dumpty Together Again

Storytime Anytime | E:97
Kids will listen to traditional nursery rhymes, sing these silly rhyming poems, and find out what happens to Humpty Dumpty after he falls off the ...
Listen to Humpty Dumpty Together Again

Phonics Fun For Everyone

Storytime Anytime | E:96
Learning about phonics is easy and fun with these upbeat songs and silly tongue twisters!...
Listen to Phonics Fun For Everyone

Ready, Set, Listen & Learn!

Storytime Anytime | E:95
Find out how a brave little mouse outsmarts Tiger the farm cat in our newest episode!...
Listen to Ready, Set, Listen & Learn!

I'm Ready for School!

Storytime Anytime | E:94
A school bus that talks makes going back to school quite an adventure!...
Listen to I'm Ready for School!

Songs & Stories for Bedtime

Storytime Anytime | E:93
Snuggle close to your little one and enjoy a rhyming story about mommy animals gently tucking their babies into bed....
Listen to Songs & Stories for Bedtime

Backyard Bugs

Storytime Anytime | E:92
Kids will learn about mosquitoes, butterflies, honeybees, and true backyard bugs!...
Listen to Backyard Bugs

Shark Week

Storytime Anytime | E:91
Kids will have a JAWsome experience as they explore the mysterious world of Sharks!...
Listen to Shark Week

Let's Learn About Wild Animals

Storytime Anytime | E:90
Kids learn about bears, zebras, elephants, tigers, koalas, gorillas, and crocodiles as they take a walk in the wild!...
Listen to Let's Learn About Wild Animals

Tell Me A Story!

Storytime Anytime | E:89
Classic fairy tales will engage listeners of all ages!...
Listen to Tell Me A Story!

My Very Own Dinosaur

Storytime Anytime | E:88
Having a pet dinosaur makes for a fun day at the park....
Listen to My Very Own Dinosaur

BIG Machines

Storytime Anytime | E:87
Kids learn how Big Rigs, Bulldozers, Dump Trucks, and other Big Machines help us in everyday life!...
Listen to BIG Machines

Our World

Storytime Anytime | E:86
Kids will explore our world by learning about the five senses....
Listen to Our World

ABC Fun!

Storytime Anytime | E:85
Singing the alphabet forwards and backwards becomes a silly learning adventure!...
Listen to ABC Fun!

Easter Bunny Hop Along

Storytime Anytime | E:84
Kids will love these “Egg-citing” songs and stories about bunnies!...
Listen to Easter Bunny Hop Along

Fun On The Farm

Storytime Anytime | E:83
Kids take a musical adventure to Farmer Floyd’s noisy farm....
Listen to Fun On The Farm

Let's Learn About Volcanoes

Storytime Anytime | E:82
Kids will learn what causes a volcano to erupt and about the important career of a volcanologist....
Listen to Let's Learn About Volcanoes

Everyday Superheroes!

Storytime Anytime | E:81
Kids learn what it means to help others and become Everyday Superheroes....
Listen to Everyday Superheroes!

Let's Learn About Lions!

Storytime Anytime | E:80
Lions, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs are wild cats sure to amaze you!...
Listen to Let's Learn About Lions!

Fun In The Snow

Storytime Anytime | E:79
Get ready for wintertime fun with ideas on how to dress up the perfect snowman!...
Listen to Fun In The Snow

Sing & Learn Spanish Volume 2

Storytime Anytime | E:78
Learning Spanish words and phrases with catchy songs makes learning easy and fun!...
Listen to Sing & Learn Spanish Volume 2

Merry Christmas

Storytime Anytime | E:77
Kids will listen to traditional Christmas stories that have delighted children and families for generations....
Listen to Merry Christmas

Holiday Stories and Songs

Storytime Anytime | E:76
Kids will get in the holiday spirit by singing classic Christmas songs like “Jingle Bells,” and “Jolly Old St. Nicholas,” and listening to stories...
Listen to Holiday Stories and Songs

Let's Celebrate Thanksgiving!

Storytime Anytime | E:75
Thanksgiving Day is a federal holiday in the United States celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. For many families it is a time to gather...
Listen to Let's Celebrate Thanksgiving!


Storytime Anytime | E:74
The black panther, the great white shark, and the adorable sea otter have one thing in common—they are predators!...
Listen to Predators

Halloween Fun

Storytime Anytime | E:73
Classic fairy tales have a “monster twist” just in time for Halloween night....
Listen to Halloween Fun

Spooktacular Stories

Storytime Anytime | E:72
Kids will get ready for Halloween with SPOOKtacular stories and silly jokes!...
Listen to Spooktacular Stories

I Love Fall

Storytime Anytime | E:71
Kids will love these delightful stories perfect for the fall season....
Listen to I Love Fall

Sing & Learn Spanish Volume 1

Storytime Anytime | E:70
Kids will have a blast learning Spanish words and phrases with fun music! Young children will learn numbers from 1 through 10, family member names...
Listen to Sing & Learn Spanish Volume 1

Let's Learn About Frogs

Storytime Anytime | E:69
Kids will hop in and explore the wonderful world of FROGS!...
Listen to Let's Learn About Frogs

Let's Get Ready For School

Storytime Anytime | E:68
Going back to school is a fun time whether learning at school or learning at home!...
Listen to Let's Get Ready For School

Fairy Tales

Storytime Anytime | E:67
Kids will meet The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Sleeping Beauty in classic fairy tales with positive endings....
Listen to Fairy Tales

Summer Sing-Along

Storytime Anytime | E:66
In Summer Sing-Along kids will go on a musical adventure and learn about the exciting job of a marine biologist, learn about the amazing sea turtl...
Listen to Summer Sing-Along

Summer Sing Alongs

Storytime Anytime | E:66
A musical adventure teaches science enthusiasts about amazing ocean animals...
Listen to Summer Sing Alongs

Teddy Bear Stories

Storytime Anytime | E:65
Teddy Bears come to life to tell silly, adventurous stories...
Listen to Teddy Bear Stories

I Love Cats!

Storytime Anytime | E:64
Stories and songs will keep everyone entertained and learning fun facts about CATS!...
Listen to I Love Cats!

Kindness Matters

Storytime Anytime | E:63
Kids will learn that they can make a difference in our world by spreading kindness!...
Listen to Kindness Matters

Wash Your Hands!

Storytime Anytime | E:62
Kids will learn the importance of washing their hands, when to wash their hands, and how to wash their hands with fun music!...
Listen to Wash Your Hands!

Camping at Home

Storytime Anytime | E:61
Camping at home is a blast!...
Listen to Camping at Home

At Home Fun

Storytime Anytime | E:59
Learning basic skills is as easy as singing a new favorite song!...
Listen to At Home Fun

Safety First

Storytime Anytime | E:58
Songs that teach safety rules will help children make responsible decisions....
Listen to Safety First

Animal Dance Party

Storytime Anytime | E:57
Children will have a blast singing and dancing along to Animal Dance Party!...
Listen to Animal Dance Party

Taking Flight

Storytime Anytime | E:156
Take flight and learn about amazing flying creatures....
Listen to Taking Flight

Huge Helping Machines

Storytime Anytime | E:55
Fun sound-effects and whimsical music help tell the story of “Dumpy The Dump Truck,” and “Sammy the Steamroller."...
Listen to Huge Helping Machines

Martin Luther King Jr Day

Storytime Anytime | E:54
Martin Luther King, Jr. is a wonderful introduction for young readers to learn about this influential leader and activist best known for advancing...
Listen to Martin Luther King Jr Day

The Christmas Story

Storytime Anytime | E:53
Kids will learn the true meaning of Christmas....
Listen to The Christmas Story

Stories with Santa Claus

Storytime Anytime
Children will hear stories and sing songs about Santa Claus....
Listen to Stories with Santa Claus

Christmas Song Sing Along

Storytime Anytime | E:51
Sing along with these classic songs to get into the Christmas spirit....
Listen to Christmas Song Sing Along

Christmas is Coming

Storytime Anytime | E:50
Christmas is just around the corner. These stories and song are perfect way to kick start the holiday season....
Listen to Christmas is Coming

I'm Thankful

Storytime Anytime | E:49
Being thankful is what’s at the heart of Thanksgiving...
Listen to I'm Thankful

Sing Along Fun Songs

Storytime Anytime | E:48
These 10 songs are perfect for waking up, car rides and singing with friends!...
Listen to Sing Along Fun Songs


Storytime Anytime | E:147
Children will love these retellings of “Cinderella” and “Sleeping Beauty.”...
Listen to Cinderella


Storytime Anytime | E:46
Children will learn about eared seals, earless seals, and walruses....
Listen to Seals

Happy Halloween

Storytime Anytime | E:45
Kids will love these spooky reimagined nursery rhymes...
Listen to Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat

Storytime Anytime | E:44
No tricks! Just treats, jokes and fun!...
Listen to Trick or Treat

Mother Goose's Monster Tales

Storytime Anytime | E:43
Children will learn and sing about these 8-legged creatures!...
Listen to Mother Goose's Monster Tales


Storytime Anytime | E:42
Children will learn and sing about these 8-legged creatures!...
Listen to Spiders


Storytime Anytime | E:41
Children will learn division facts and strategies through fun songs....
Listen to Division

Apes and Monkeys

Storytime Anytime | E:40
Let's learn and sing about apes and monkeys...
Listen to Apes and Monkeys

Weather Watch

Storytime Anytime | E:39
Young and curious minds will learn and sing about weather...
Listen to Weather Watch

Birthday Party Songs

Storytime Anytime | E:38
These songs and games are perfect for any birthday party at home or in the classroom....
Listen to Birthday Party Songs

My Best Friend Susie Q

Storytime Anytime | E:37
Special guest and best friend Susie Q joins us!...
Listen to My Best Friend Susie Q

Start Your Day With Songs and Fun

Storytime Anytime | E:36
These 12 songs will jump start a child’s day!...
Listen to Start Your Day With Songs and Fun

Lizards and Scaly Friends

Storytime Anytime | E:35
Children will sing and learn all about lizards and other reptiles....
Listen to Lizards and Scaly Friends

Reptiles With an Attitude

Storytime Anytime | E:34
Children will sing and learn all about fascinating reptiles....
Listen to Reptiles With an Attitude

Back To School

Storytime Anytime | E:33
Let’s get ready for back to school!...
Listen to Back To School

Sing Along Camp Songs

Storytime Anytime | E:32
Sing along to these wacky and fun camp songs friends and family...
Listen to Sing Along Camp Songs


Storytime Anytime | E:31
Dive into a ocean of learning as we learn about different kinds of sharks....
Listen to Sharks

Multiplication Rap

Storytime Anytime | E:30
Children will learn their multiplication facts through fun songs...
Listen to Multiplication Rap


Storytime Anytime | E:30
Children will learn their multiplication facts and strategies through fun songs...
Listen to Multiplication


Storytime Anytime | E:29
Children will learn their subtraction facts through fun songs...
Listen to Subtraction


Storytime Anytime | E:28
Children will learn their addition facts through fun songs...
Listen to Addition

Toy Stories

Storytime Anytime | E:27
Go on four magical adventures with toys in these adorable stories...
Listen to Toy Stories

Giddy Up!

Storytime Anytime | E:26
Find out why horses can sleep standing up and other fun facts about these amazing animals...
Listen to Giddy Up!

Aladdin and the Magical Genie

Storytime Anytime | E:25
Join us for our retelling of these classic stories - “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp” and “Jack and the Beanstalk”....
Listen to Aladdin and the Magical Genie

Summertime Fun

Storytime Anytime | E:24
Swimming, camp fires, and no school make summer the most fun time of the year....
Listen to Summertime Fun

Creatures of the Deep

Storytime Anytime | E:23
The ocean is vast and full of amazing creatures - let’s meet some of them....
Listen to Creatures of the Deep

Helping Our Planet

Storytime Anytime | E:22
We can all do our part to keep our planet beautiful and green!...
Listen to Helping Our Planet

Blast Off: Into Space!

Storytime Anytime | E:21
Explore mankind’s final frontier - space!...
Listen to Blast Off: Into Space!

Protons, Neutrons and Electrons

Storytime Anytime | E:20
Physics explores the smallest particles, the largest stars and the whole universe....
Listen to Protons, Neutrons and Electrons

The Chemistry Review

Storytime Anytime | E:19
Math, science, and a curious mind - that’s what chemists are made out of...
Listen to The Chemistry Review

Ants In My Pants

Storytime Anytime | E:18
Find out the difference between true bugs and insects....
Listen to Ants In My Pants

Hopping Into Reading

Storytime Anytime | E:17
Spring means warm weather, flowers blooming, and bunnies hopping....
Listen to Hopping Into Reading

Rhymes That Count

Storytime Anytime | E:16
Rhyming and counting entertain while teaching....
Listen to Rhymes That Count

There's An Elephant In The Bathtub

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:15
Spring and summer means birds chirping, sunny skies, and elephant clouds!...
Listen to There's An Elephant In The Bathtub

Let's Go On a Dinosaur Dig!

Storytime Anytime | E:14
Travel back to a time…when Dinosaurs roamed the earth....
Listen to Let's Go On a Dinosaur Dig!

Reading Fun For Everyone

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:13
From A-Z, children will learn different words that begin with each letter to go along with silly songs, stories, and sound effects!...
Listen to Reading Fun For Everyone

The Family Pet

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:12
Having a family pet is a big responsibility, but it’s far more rewarding because of the bond and love that is shared between you and your pet....
Listen to The Family Pet

Make New Friends

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:11
There’s nothing like having a friend to laugh, play, and have fun with....
Listen to Make New Friends

Run, Run As Fast As You Can

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:10
Join us for our retelling of these classic stories - “The Gingerbread Man” “The Three Pigs” and “The Brave Little Mouse”....
Listen to Run, Run As Fast As You Can

Let's Celebrate President's Day

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:9
Hear fun facts and sing patriotic songs in celebration of the great leaders of The United States of America....
Listen to Let's Celebrate President's Day

I Love You More

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:8
A special guest joins us for singing and stories before bedtime....
Listen to I Love You More

Winter Time Wiggles

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:7
Kids will keep warm in the winter with snowy stories and sing-along songs....
Listen to Winter Time Wiggles

Career Day Fun

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:6
Explore different careers with fun music and engaging stories....
Listen to Career Day Fun

Down On the Farm

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:5
A fun day of singing, clapping, and making animal sounds down on the farm...
Listen to Down On the Farm

Nursery Rhyme Time

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:4
Nursery rhymes with positive endings will have little ones laughing and learning early literacy skills!...
Listen to Nursery Rhyme Time

Growing Up Together

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:3
We all love our brothers and sisters…most of the time!...
Listen to Growing Up Together

What a Zoo!

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:2
An exciting safari through the grasslands of Africa...
Listen to What a Zoo!

The Bear Essentials

Storytime Anytime | S:1 E:1
Songs, fascinating facts, and classic tales about bears....
Listen to The Bear Essentials

Sneak Peak

Storytime Anytime
Learn more about the exciting new kids podcast, brought to you by Twin Sisters Digital Media and Evergreen Podcasts. Music, Storytime and Learning...
Listen to Sneak Peak