Lost and Found in 2020

Stories From Our Lost Year

In the last months of 2020, we at Scare Your Soul challenged people everywhere to tell their true stories of a life during pandemic. We called the challenge “Lost and Found in 2020,” and were amazed by the stories we received...

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Scare Your Soul and the actors involved in this project are working in tandem with The Actors Fund. The acting community was hit particularly hard as their vocations and livelihoods were mostly brought to a halt and continue to remain stalled due to COVID-19. Founded in 1882, The Actors Fund serves all professionals in film, theater, television, music, opera, radio and dance through programs that address the community's unique and essential needs. The Actors Fund has been instrumental in keeping the performing arts community afloat during this trying time. If you enjoy listening to today's storytelling, we ask that you please consider making a donation to The Actors Fund at our designated fund-raising page:


About Scare Your Soul

Find out more about Scare Your Soul or get involved by visiting their official website.

What is Scare Your Soul?

Scare Your Soul is a volunteer-led, science-based movement that inspires people to ignite their best selves through living a courageous life.

What does Scare Your Soul do?

• SYS guides and motivates individuals to partake in repeated small acts of courage.

• SYS builds inspiration and community by sharing the commitments and accomplishments of participants from around the world.

• SYS is founded on science-based Positive Psychology principles, with special emphasis on the “growth mindset” work of Carol Dweck.