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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Entrepreneurship

Innovation In Equality seeks to confront the racial and gender gap in entrepreneurship and VC investing through candid conversations with experts and influencers.

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Jumpstart’s Chief Inclusion and Outreach Officer, Lamont Mackley, is interviewed by WKYC TV anchor Russ Mitchell in this episode of Innovation In Equality. Lamont draws from his accomplished and diverse background as they explore how community growth can be driven by an inclusive tech community.


Lamont Mackley

Chief Inclusion & Outreach Officer

Lamont is responsible for providing internal and external diversity and inclusion leadership and guidance, to help JumpStart reach our goals, better demonstrate our values and achieve our mission.

Lamont brings extensive executive and management experience to the JumpStart team. Most recently, Lamont taught business and professional studies courses at Chancellor University and the Jack Welch Management Institute. He also founded Another Level Resources, an executive coaching and development firm specializing in facilitating solutions to problems for business executives.

Prior to starting this most recent entrepreneurial venture, Lamont spent 25 years in the commercial and community development banking industry and served as President/CEO at three community banks in various locations within the United States. Lamont’s ability to create environments of high achievement led to his selection as leader of two entrepreneurial businesses; one in the transportation industry and the other in the distribution industry. This experience allowed him to see business needs from a different perspective and has provided him with insight into the challenges of managing an entrepreneurial enterprise.

Lamont attended Boston University for his BS and Columbus School of Law, Catholic University, for his JD.

Russ Mitchell

Russell Edward "Russ" Mitchell is an American journalist best known for his career at CBS where he was anchor of The Early Show on Saturday, news anchor for The Early Show during the week, and weekend anchor of the CBS Evening News. Wikipedia

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JumpStart's Commitment to Fight System Racism

Our mission is to unlock the full potential of entrepreneurship to transform entire communities. We acknowledge this mission cannot be achieved while systemic racism remains.

This is a human rights issue, a public health crisis and a barrier to economic growth for all Americans. For these reasons, we will act with urgency alongside partners who share the goal of eradicating racism in all forms.

As we turn our individual and collective pain into purpose and action, we are committed to working with our non-profit and institutional partners, innovators, entrepreneurs and small businesses to make significant progress toward a more diverse, inclusive and equitable future.

For more information about JumpStart please visit their official website.