BEEF with Bridget Todd

Serving the Juiciest Rivalries You've Never Heard Of

BEEF is an original scripted non-fiction storytelling podcast where Business Wars meets pop culture history. Award-winning host Bridget Todd tells the stories of legends in their fields and how they tried to stomp out their competition only to find that their enemies become the driving force behind their success, ultimately changing the world.

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Meet The Host


The Team

Jeremiah Tittle

Executive Producer
Next Chapter Podcasts co-founder & CEO Jeremiah Tittle has directed, developed, launched, and executive produced 25+ podcasts surpassing 10+ million downloads and viral video views across multiple content genres including comedy, music, news, sports, politics, and scripted productions.

Pete Musto

Showrunner/Production director
Pete Musto is an award-winning writer, producer, performer and educator who uses abundant creativity, strong interpersonal skills and relentless tenacity to approach storytelling, project management and production direction in a unique and efficient, yet still detailed-oriented way.

Ben Austin-Docampo

Senior Producer
Ben is a writer, cartoonist and producer who lives in LA with his wife and two cats.

James "Sam" Levine

Senior Producer
Sam is a writer, podcaster and parent based in the Washington, DC area.

Adrián Duston-Muñoz

Adrián is a Los Angeles-based writer with published and produced scripts, sketch, and prose.

Natalie McGill

Natalie is a freelance journalist, stand-up comic, and TV writer based in Los Angeles.

Nicole Benedi

Nicole is an award-winning writer and stand-up comedian living in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Max Wolfson

Max Wolfson is a comedian and writer who co-founded the sketch group the Midnight Gardener’s League, and has performed at the DC Improv, Caveat (NYC), The Glendale Room, on BYT’s Bentzen Ball.