Ohio Mysteries

Exploring the inexplicable.

Paula and Steve explore the many diverse mysteries in the Buckeye State, from disappearances and unsolved homicides, to cryptids, missing treasures and UFO sightings.

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About Ohio Mysteries

From perplexing disappearances that continue to baffle investigators to chilling unsolved homicides that haunt the minds of many, our podcast explores the darkest corners of Ohio's history.

We venture into the realm of the unexplained, shedding light on cryptids that roam the Ohio wilderness, the tantalizing legends of missing treasures hidden beneath our feet, and the astonishing accounts of UFO sightings that have left witnesses awe-struck.

What happens when 500 Parisians discover their new American land deeds are worthless? It’s a great story, and it’s true. Check out one of our favorite episodes, “Ep. 211 - The French 500.” What happened to them? It’s a real Ohio mystery…

Be a part of the Ohio Mysteries family and let’s unravel the secrets of the Buckeye State together. Your intrigue awaits – let's connect, engage, and explore the mysteries of Ohio! Follow us on Facebook for further captivating content.

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The Team

Paula Schleis

Paula Schleis is a retired journalist from Barberton, Ohio, with 30 years of experience at the Akron Beacon Journal.

Stephen Yoder

Stephen Yoder is transit worker with Akron Metro and a father of 6.