Thick Skin with Jacque & Hawk

An Athlete's Perspective of Sports & Entertainment

You must have thick skin to be in the spotlight - whether you're a pro athlete or an entertainer - the media will come after you. So, you better be ready. Former professional baseball players Jacque Jones and LaTroy Hawkins talk all sports from an athlete's perspective, correcting the media when they get it wrong, and telling it like it is.

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Meet The Hosts

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The Team

Brian Douglas

For close to three decades Brian has helped craft audio content across music, comedy, and television with credits ranging from Sony Music, Showtime Networks, SiriusXM Radio, Audible, Pandora and more.

Pete Musto

Showrunner/Production director
Pete Musto is an award-winning writer, producer, performer and educator who uses abundant creativity, strong interpersonal skills and relentless tenacity to approach storytelling, project management and production direction in a unique and efficient, yet still detailed-oriented way.

Jeremiah Tittle

Executive Producer
Next Chapter Podcasts co-founder & CEO Jeremiah Tittle has directed, developed, launched, and executive produced 25+ podcasts surpassing 10+ million downloads and viral video views across multiple content genres including comedy, music, news, sports, politics, and scripted productions.