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A podcast starring a group of Kawaii Otaku girls in the US happily sharing their interests in old and new anime, and other Japanese cultures such as “Oshi” or “Funny Nihongo”. Special guests coming soon! Produced by Nippon Broadcasting System and PONYCANYON USA INC.

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About Anime Roomy

Welcome to Anime Roomy, the ultimate podcast for otaku enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of anime, manga, and video games as we bring you the latest insights, reviews, and discussions straight from the hearts of passionate otaku girls.

Join our charismatic hosts as they delve into the captivating realms of anime and Japanese culture, exploring everything from classic favorites to the latest releases.

Anime Roomy is proudly produced by the prestigious Nippon Broadcasting System and PONYCANYON USA, ensuring top-notch quality and a genuine connection to the roots of otaku culture. Whether you're a seasoned anime veteran or a curious newcomer, our podcast is your go-to destination for all things otaku.

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The Team


A wholesome girl whose cute smile is her trademark. An accomplished fan artist who loves to share her work with friends. Loves shonen manga and anime based on them. Working toward her dream of becoming a designer.


A cool beauty who's also the group's youngest member. Quick-witted and often serves as the MC of the program. Loves cats and anime. A self-proclaimed idol otaku.


Her kindhearted, nurturing personality makes her the oneesan of the Roomies. Possesses a calming aura. Loves SF and hot-blooded anime. When she gets fired up about one of her many interests, she's unstoppable.


A multifaceted comedienne, by turns sexy and hilarious. Loves magical girl anime more than anything. The chameleon of the group, known for her sudden funny interjections.