When Dating Hurts

An Eye-Opening Discussion on Domestic Violence

A "must-listen-to" podcast on dating abuse and domestic violence from Bill Mitchell, author of the memoir, WHEN DATING HURTS, a book about his daughter's murder by her ex-boyfriend. Bill interviews experts (including actual survivors) about dating abuse & domestic violence.

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About When Dating Hurts

Hello, I am Bill Mitchell, and this is the When Dating Hurts podcast.

My daughter, Kristin, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in June 2005. It was twenty days after her college graduation. She had a position lined up with General Mills at that time, but never made it that far.

How can women protect themselves from domestic violence? One way is to listen to this podcast series. Then share it with those you care about. Only through education can someone know how to detect it when it is happening and what to do to remain safe.

I have taken the past 19 years to collect and dispense what I have learned about dating violence. I wrote a book you can purchase through Amazon, called When Dating Hurts. It tells what happened with Kristin, but it also details the journey our family has taken through these years. It also discusses the warning signs all women should know so they can be safe.

This podcast is a space where I chat with both people who appear in my book and women and men I have met who have deep insights into dating violence.

You will see this podcast is not about MY family, it is about YOUR FAMILY. It is for anyone with young women (and men) in their lives because they are at risk if they do not have ample awareness and education about dating violence. My guests and I will fill in the blanks and make this world a little safer for women and men.


If you want to share your story of abuse on the When Dating Hurts podcast, email me:

[email protected]

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