7 Minute Stories

A lot can happen in 7 minutes...

Storyteller Aaron Calafato uses 7 minute vignettes to share his memories, explore his psyche and attempt to make sense of the world.

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S4 E36: The Cloud Factory

| S:4 E:36

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S4 E35: When the Caged Bird Sings

7 Minute Stories | S:4 E:35
A bizarre sound from Aaron’s car transforms into a story with two surprise endings…...
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S4 E34: The Milli Vanilli of Violinists

7 Minute Stories | S:4 E:34
The story of how Aaron became the Milli Vanilli of his youth orchestra!...
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S4 E33: Becoming Gordon Bombay

7 Minute Stories | S:4 E:33
After crossing paths with his childhood soccer coach, Aaron discovers he has more in common with Gordon Bombay, the fictional character from Might...
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Mighty Ducks

7 Minute Stories | S:4
In this bonus episode, there's something that Cori and Aaron can't seem about the 90s movie classic the Mighty Ducks. Plus, a new 7MS preview....
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Electronic Press & Media Kit

Calfato’s storytelling style has been compared to that of monologist Spalding Gray and radio legend Jean Shepard. His background and experience in radio, theatre, and television all play a role in the making of this show.

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The Team

Aaron Calafato

The Host
Aaron's primary form of expression is that of a Storyteller. His monologues, stories, and events have been screened and staged over 150 times in 20 states.

Ken Wendt

Audio Production
Dr. Ken Wendt teaches courses in Music Technology at CWRU and owns a production company, FilmMyArt.com, specializing in both professional video and audio.

Pete Whitehead

Original Art
Pete has been interested in creating images and telling stories ever since he was a little guy. He went to Rhode Island School of Design and majored in “old school” Illustration but has thoroughly embraced and meshed the digital world into his work over the years.

Cori Birce

Cori is the glue that keeps the podcast together. She helps coordinate & produce episodes, voices the intros and outros of every episode, and also handles PR and media relations on behalf of the podcast.