A lot can happen in 7 minutes...

Storyteller Aaron Calafato uses 7 minute vignettes to share his memories, explore his psyche and attempt to make sense of the world.

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We Are All Witnesses

| E:27
What started out as a heated religious debate between two kids on an elementary school playground, turned into an attack from an unusual suspect... 
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Becoming Donatello

| E:26
It was 1990, I was 7 years old and I was anticipating the release of greatest film ever made: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not only this, but I actually believed I was a turtle and had every intention to reveal my true identity to an elementary school crush...
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The Train Incident

| E:25
On a bright Fall day in 2009, what started out as usual train commute from Eatontown, New Jersey to Manhattan, transformed into a crime scene.
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| E:24
When I got a call from Jack Nicholson’s executive assistant at 1:00am in the morning, It felt like a “surreal” experience...
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The Tryout

| E:23
Years of commitment and preparation led me to this moment. What started as a tryout for my middle school basketball team, transformed into an experience that would shape my entire career.
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The Lineup

| E:22
When I was 10 years old I spent a summertime at a makeshift daycare. One afternoon there, while playing Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out on NES, I committed an unintentional crime which was followed by a memorable interrogation.
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The Fish

| E:21
At the age of 5 I watched a BBC documentary about the life of fish in the ocean. Days later, I witnessed what I can only describe as a ghost appear in my bedroom. Both experiences united to form an existential crisis that would shape my future…
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The Night-Night Rules

| E:20
I don’t know if it was divine intervention or just coincidence, but whatever it was, it gave me the strength to make a promise to my daughter that I don’t intend on breaking…
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The Gun

| E:19
When I was 13 years old I went to visit a new friend. Before going out to play in the woods he took out a gun. What happened next felt life and death…
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The Dream

| E:18
The night my grandfather slipped into a coma, he came to me in a profound dream…
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The Blizzard

| E:17
It was the early 90s and I was a pre-teen. I was in sitting in my grandparents car and the weather outside started to change in a way I had never seen. As we started our drive from Columbus to Cleveland I knew the odds were not in our favor…
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Lady of Maine

| E:16
How much do I love storytelling? Well, it was 2012 and I was booked to perform one of my monologues at a theater in Portland, Maine. The only catch was I had to drive nearly 16 hours and endure one of the most unsettling nights of my life.
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Over the River

| E:15
I looked at the world differently when I was a child. But when did things change? I remember it was the mid 90s and I went to visit my grandmother in rural Ohio. Her only rule was that I didn’t ride my bike past the gray house…
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The Ice Cream Sandwich

| E:14
The second grade. An elementary lunch room. A purple silk shirt. A blossoming new love. History would be made as I courted an older woman for the first time…
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The Cherry Tree

| E:13
The myth of George Washington and the cherry tree made an big impression on my life. But as a young boy, when a police officer caught me vandalizing a house in my neighborhood, the impact of that myth would be put to the test.
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The Amish

| E:12
I sat at a traffic light and looked at the world falling apart around me. So, I turned my car around and drove until all I saw was corn fields and the Amish. I had found a new possibility. Maybe even a new home.
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The Phone Call

| E:11
I was 30 years old when my daughter was born. Shortly after, I received a phone call from my dad that forecast what the next 30 years may be like.
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The Fight

| E:10
When I was younger I fought a lot. This time, however, felt different than the rest. I was in over my head and would experience the true power, utility and lasting effect of violence.
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The Perfect Day

| E:9
I woke up and something was different. From the moment I opened my eyes it seemed like it would be one of those days where nothing could go wrong. Was I right? Or, was this all a dream?
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The Nest

| E:8
It was the largest yellow jacket nest I've ever come across. It was man versus nature and I had to protect my home...
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Growing Up in the Rearview

| E:7
This episode explores the journey of driving my daughter home from the hospital after she was born and then through years of car rides looking into the rear-view mirror and seeing all the stages of her life.
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Emails to My Dead Grandfather

| E:6
My grandfather and I were very close. One day, several years after he passed away, I saw that his gmail account profile was active. So, I decided to email him...
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The Thirty-Five Year Train Ride

| E:5
For the last thirty five years I've heard the sound of a train out my window. It's seems that I've been following it my entire life.
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The Summer of Peter Jennings

| E:4
A remixed version of a story Aaron did during the 2016 Presidential Election that is more relevant that ever.
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The Audition

| E:3
After getting off a train at Penn Station and taking in New York City for the first time, I began the odyssey of my first acting audition at the Actors Equity Center.
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The Car Accident and the Crucifix

| E:2
In episode two I explore a recent car accident I was involved in.
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The Cruise

| E:1
Welcome to episode one of #7minutestories! A young man who is afraid of boats takes his first carnival cruise shortly after Hurricane Katrina rips through the Gulf coast.
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