A lot can happen in 7 minutes...

Storyteller Aaron Calafato uses 7 minute vignettes to share his memories, explore his psyche and attempt to make sense of the world.

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S2 E35: She looked like Alicia Keys

| S:2 E:35

I've always considered myself a romantic but how much of this quality is truly my own? And/or how much of it is just a product of watching 80s & 90s rom coms and high school dramas? In today's episode, I'll tell you a story about one of these "romantic gestures" and I’ll let you be the judge.

Story performed by: Aaron Calafato

Story co-creator & additional vocals: Rob Montague

Audio Production: Ken Wendt

Original Art: Pete Whitehead

Original Music: thomas j. duke

Additional Vocals: Cori Birce

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