A lot can happen in 7 minutes...

Storyteller Aaron Calafato uses 7 minute vignettes to share his memories, explore his psyche and attempt to make sense of the world.

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(Flashback Episode) The Perfect Day

| E:62

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S3 E12: Sunday Mass

7 Minute Stories | S:3 E:12
Aaron races to Sunday Mass to meet his grandmother, and as usual, gets more than he bargained for....
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S3 E11: The Violinist

7 Minute Stories | S:3 E:11
In this 7 Minutes, Aaron tells the tale of how he became the Milli Vanilli of his youth orchestra....
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S3 E10: The Heartbeat

7 Minute Stories | S:3 E:10
In this 7 Minute Story, Aaron tells the story about how his future wife Cori captured his heart......
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S3 E9: Disclosure

7 Minute Stories | S:3 E:9
Aaron explores the making of a miraculous film called Disclosure - A student film that turned Aaron and his high school friends into movie stars....
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