A lot can happen in 7 minutes...

Storyteller Aaron Calafato uses 7 minute vignettes to share his memories, explore his psyche and attempt to make sense of the world.

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Episode 76 - Something's Lost but Something's Gained OR The Legend of Ali and the Wiffle Ball

| S:1 E:76

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S3 E19: The Diagnosis

7 Minute Stories | S:3 E:19
My friend Juan got a phone call that would change everything, and when he hung up, he had to prepare to fight for his life....
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S3 E18: The High School Reunion

7 Minute Stories | S:3 E:18
In these 7 Minutes, Aaron makes his first appearance at a High School class reunion and it doesn't go as expected......
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S3 E17: The Dandelion Salad

7 Minute Stories | S:3 E:17
Aaron’s grandfather never would have thought this little story about growing up during the depression would reach tens of millions of people aroun...
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S3 E16: The Man and the Birds

7 Minute Stories | S:3 E:16
Aaron recites a Christmas story popularized by the radio legend Paul Harvey....
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