The Braintrust "Driving Change" Podcast

Maximizing Communication to Positively Impact All Relationships

This podcast is dedicated to help you better understand the biology, psychology and physiology of human decision making helping you become a more impactful communicator and a driving force for change.

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The Team

Jeff Bloomfield

As a former sales & marketing executive, farm boy, and cancer survivor, Jeff Bloomfield uses his inspiring style and compelling life story to teach you how to communicate with more purpose, power, and impact. He is eager to guide you on a captivating journey exploring the crossroads of where neuroscience meets storytelling. And help you see how to use these stories to understand your own mindset and the limitless potential that lives in all of us to…drive change.

Matt Dentino

Produces the show and is Vice President of Client Engagement. He retired after 35 years, climbing the ladder in Corporate America to refire as a Certified Coach and Facilitator with Braintrust. Coming from a large family with 9 siblings, it's been his observation through the years: "The best lessons in life are caught, not taught!"

Jeff Bittner

Director of Operations
Jeff is our Director of Operations and oversees our Braintrust Online Academy. He has years of Sales Management experience under his belt and if you ask him what drives him to put his best forward every day, his response would be: "I am wired to help others in any way I can to achieve more and do more with their talents, ideas, and resources!"

Abby Docherty

Marketing Manager
Abby is our Marketing Manager and Social Media Queen. Her creativity stems from the fact that she is also a professional actress living in N.Y. A core belief that drives her daily is: "…that helping people reach their full potential comes from believing in them and equipping them to be their best selves even when the future seems daunting!"

Anthony Mussari

Podcast and Blog Engineer
Anthony is our Podcast and Blog Posting Engineer and a graphic artist here at Braintrust. He is responsible for making sure our Mind What Matters Blog Post and this Driving Change Podcast are available every week for those following Braintrust. A core belief that drives Anthony is; with a creative approach you are able to overcome any obstacle and find a solution.

Aaren Neely

President of CVRKLE, a Midwest creative media agency specializing in live-stream events and video production for various business sectors. A core value that drives Aaren is that he believes “all things worth doing should be done with excellence and integrity."