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Explore the shifting landscape of product and service design in the face of emerging technology. Each show is an exploration into the past, present, and future through the stories of the people that are shaping it.

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Latest Episode

Prototyping Experiences

| S:1 E:4

How does a drone become a drone? Prototyping… where thinking becomes doing. Discover the tools, methods, and disciplines behind prototyping with host Jonathan Morgan as he dives into epic stories of prototyping success and failure. In this week’s episode he’ll speak with Wendy Ju, Associate Professor of Information Sciences at Cornell University, who has worked extensively in the research and design of autonomous vehicles and robots.

Recent Episodes

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Brainstorms are Bad for Business

Design Everywhere | S:1 E:3
The idea of putting a bunch of intellectuals in a room to throw out ideas like Don Draper in an episode of Mad Men is a thing of the past...
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The Freedom of Focus

Design Everywhere | S:1 E:2
Through the lenses of focus, Empathy and Opportunity, Jonathan and Indi Young delve into the world of design with mastery, precision and… well, great focus.
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Design is Everywhere

Design Everywhere | S:1 E:1
Jonathan and Karl explore some of the design world’s most intriguing topics including: simplicity, Design for Understanding, the evolving role of designers, and the design theory behind ice-cream scoopers!
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Coming Soon: Design Everywhere

Design Everywhere | S:1
Design Everywhere is a podcast by designers, for designers. Host, Jonathan Morgan, is a human-centered designer who explores the shifting landscape of product and service design in the face of emerging technology.
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The Team

Jonathan Morgan

Jonathan Morgan is a veteran Human-Centered Designer, Researcher and Strategist.

Brigid Coyne

With a production background stemming from her education in Literature and the Liberal Arts, Brigid loves reading books and making terrible puns.

Julie Fink

Assistant Producer
Julie (a.k.a. Big Julz) brings a unique blend of radio, broadcasting and creativity to her producer role.

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