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All Things Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Inclusive AF is a place where you get to hear real, authentic, and sometimes tough discussions on issues that are important to every community. The hosts and guests share their insights, opinions and ideas about how to make the world Inclusive AF.

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More about Jackye and Katee

We are Jackye Clayton and Katee Van Horn- two diversity, equity, & inclusion peeps who love both what we have in common, and what makes us different. During the day we use our superpowers to block bias and end systemic racism within companies and create equitable places to work. We are also BFFs who have tough conversations about our different lived experiences. And we hold nothing back! Launched in 2020, the Inclusive AF Podcast is a place where you get to hear real, authentic, and sometimes tough discussions on issues that are important to various communities. We will also bring in cool friends to share their insights on issues facing underrepresented groups and how to make a difference in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space. You are invited to listen in on our talks and join the conversation! We are all about being Inclusive AF on each episode and ask you to do the same when you take our lessons to your own communities. Thank you for listening!

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The Team

Katee Van Horn

Katee Van Horn is an HR strategist and international keynote speaker focused on global Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging (IDB).

Jackye Clayton

As the DEI Strategist at SeekOut, Jackye helps leading companies and senior Talent Acquisition teams develop diversity sourcing & recruitment strategies.