Black & White with Stephen Dorsey

White Advantage,
Systemic Inequality,
and the Paths to Change

Stephen Dorsey delves deeper into racial discourse through conversations with insightful guests who have their own take on what’s at play. Because it’s time to Be Better, Do Better, Live Better, Together

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Black and White is a limited series by Evergreen Podcasts, hosted by the author of Black and White, Stephen Dorsey. Join him in conversation with insightful and inspiring guests from the world of business, politics, social justice, entertainment, journalism and academia as they discuss “White Advantage”, Canada’s Mythology on Race, Systemic Racism and Inequality, Justice System Reform and more — all with hopeful optimism and a unique multicultural perspective on the paths to change.

Black & White by Stephen Dorsey

More About the Book, Black & White: An Intimate, Multicultural Perspective on "White Advantage" and the Paths to Change

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The anticipated debut by a biracial community leader and citizen activist, exploring his lived experience of systemic racism in North America and the paths.

My race duality has given me a unique perspective on both the Black and white experience in Canada..... What became most evident to me – most universal – was an important need for building bridges of understanding between Black and white Canadians. A need to inform and educate so that hopefully, in due time, we can achieve real change.

As a bilingual, biracial man, straddling Black and white, English and French Canada, Stephen Dorsey lives in a world of dualities. In his deeply personal and insightful debut, he offers readers intimate and unfiltered access to his lived experience of anti-Black racism around the world, including Canada, the United States, and Europe, focusing on his formative years growing up in 1970s Montreal as a Black child in a white family headed by a racist stepfather, and details his personal awakening inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

A powerful blend of autobiography and social analysis, Black & White is an intimate excavation of systemic racism in North America — from our health-care and education systems, to policing and law, to a deep analysis of the uniquely intersectional discrimination faced by minorities in Dorsey's home province of Quebec. With an inclusive and accessible approach, aimed at community connection and education, Dorsey delves deep into Canada's history of racial discrimination and, by contrasting it with that of our American neighbours, debunks our nation's mythological narrative, providing necessary context on white privilege, which he calls "white advantage", and offers concrete pathways to lasting societal change.

Holding readers gently to account, Black & White is the book for the ally in all of us.

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The Team

Stephen Dorsey

A civically engaged community leader for nearly two decades, Stephen is a founding member and board member of a grassroots think tank, Democracy House.

Noah Foutz

Producer, Engineer
Noah Foutz is a Composer, Producer, Audio Engineer, and Musician from Cleveland Ohio.