Evergreen Podcasts and New Sponsor Flatiron Wealth Management Tackle Generational Wealth Gap

Evergreen Podcasts and New Sponsor Flatiron Wealth Management Tackle Generational Wealth Gap

Posted by Julie Holiday

CLEVELAND, October 4, 2022 (Newswire.com) - More stand-out guests, more riveting conversations, and more episodes of Black and White will be released on Evergreen Podcasts this October in partnership with their new sponsor Flatiron Wealth Management.

Stephen Dorsey, host of Black and White, peels back the systemic layers of inequality, and paths to change by inviting guests to deliver their take on what's at play. His goal is to inspire listeners to be better, do better, and live better, together. And now, with Flatiron Wealth Management's Andrew Sheppard, who leads a team of best-in-class wealth advisors, the podcast will explore the generational wealth gap. Dorsey says, "Disadvantage of opportunity caused in part by wealth inequalities is something I know firsthand as a Black man who started out in life from challenging circumstances."

More than a decade ago, Dorsey turned to Sheppard to set a better financial pathway for his family. "We set tangible financial goals and put in place informed strategies," Dorsey says. "Most of all, Andrew and his team heard me when I told him that priority number one was to secure a better future for my kids, one which would see them have as many opportunities as possible." Dorsey reports that it has been an "amazing 10 years." And he's ready to share the tools, resources, and insight he learned with Black and White listeners.

Sheppard, who is managing partner at Flatiron Wealth Management, says, "We are proud to sponsor Black and White hosted by Stephen Dorsey, which offers our firm another opportunity to demonstrate support through action of the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion within our organization and society at large."

Flatiron Wealth Management is a team of wealth advisors, Certified Financial Planners, and Chartered Life Underwriters that designs financial strategies and delivers insurance products to help clients take control of their financial world. They are known for building long-term, personal relationships with clients and believe that you can prepare for the economic factors you can't control.

"Through a collaborative process, the Flatiron team recommended a strategy for my kids," Dorsey says, "relating that it allows them to borrow from an insurance policy to pay for college, make a down payment on a house, invest in a business — it's about unlocking opportunity."

Evergreen Podcasts' Creative Director David Moss remarks on the podcast's universal reach and empowering advice. "This is just the type of content we are so proud to deliver because it is, in every way, life-changing for listeners and their loved ones," he says.

Tune in to new episodes of Black and White sponsored by Flatiron Wealth Management starting October 4. Need to catch up on the first season? Stream it here and share it.

About Flatiron Wealth Management:

At Flatiron Wealth Management, our mission is to help worldwide clients take control of their financial world. As a truly independent firm led by best-in-class Wealth Advisors, Certified Financial Planners and Chartered Life Underwriters, we are required to always act in clients' best interests as it relates to financial strategies and insurance products. Flatiron's success is rooted in our core values, and a focus on helping clients take control of their financial world by building long-term, solid, and positive personal relationships with clients fueled by sustained momentum towards desired goals.

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