How Do You Know
What's True?

That's the premise behind "Disinformation" - with award-winning Evergreen host Paul Brandus. Get ready for amazing stories - war, espionage, corruption, elections, and assorted trickery showing how false information is turning our world inside out - and what we can do about it. A co-production of Evergreen and Emergent Risk International.

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Retrospective - S1E12

| S:1 E:18

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Retrospective - S1E3

A look back at some material from our first season – highlighting the growing dangers of disinformation, but also some ideas on how, perhaps, it c...
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The Pandemic - Lessons Learned

Disinformation | S:1 E:16
The COVID-19 pandemic has faded, but health experts warm that future pandemics could occur. In terms of disinformation, what lessons have we learn...
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Hearts and Minds in Africa - Russia's International Disinformation Campaign

Disinformation | S:1 E:15
Russia may be losing the public opinion battle in North America and Europe, but it has plenty of support elsewhere....
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Fake Bombs & Fake Traffic Reports

Disinformation | S:1 E:14
Disinformation — like reports of a White House bomb blast — can move billions of dollars on Wall Street. Or it can snarl your morning commute....
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Emergent Risk International

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Emergent Risk International is a Dallas, Texas-based strategic intelligence and advisory firm specializing in crafting business-centered risk intelligence, technology, staffing, training, and consulting solutions to address geopolitical, regulatory, and security risks in global business. We are located in the US, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

More About Show Host Paul Brandus

A speaker at seven presidential libraries and various organizations in the United States and Europe, Paul Brandus has been a member of the White House press corps and White House Correspondents Association since 2008. He is the founder of the widely-followed West Wing Reports ® (Twitter: @WestWingReport) news service, a columnist for USA Today and Dow Jones/MarketWatch, and Washington bureau chief for Evergreen Podcasts. His latest book, Jackie—a colorful biography of Jacqueline Kennedy between her two marriages—was an Amazon best seller in three different categories, and the accompanying podcast has gotten some 100,000 downloads. Prior books include the acclaimed Under This Roof: A History of the White House and Presidency, This Day in Presidential History and This Day in Military History.

He has spoken at schools such as the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, served as Executive-in-Residence at Washington & Lee University, and has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, CNN, PBS, CSPAN, the British Broadcasting Corp., Canadian Broadcasting Corp. and others.

Brandus served on the Board of Governors of the Overseas Press Club of America, serving as its Washington, D.C. representative. He previously worked at NBC News and CNBC and worked five years in Moscow. He is also an early stage venture capital investor and as an entrepreneur once purchased the Russian rights to the Super Bowl from the National Football League – becoming the first person to show the game in Russia.

The Team

Paul Brandus

Washington Bureau Chief
Journalist, historian, keynote speaker, author, columnist, and Emergent Risk International communications director

Noah Foutz

Noah Foutz is a Composer, Producer, Audio Engineer, and Musician from Cleveland Ohio.

Meredith Wilson

CEO and founder, US government intelligence and private sector intelligence expert, corporate risk management advisor based in New England.