The Joy of Padel

Bringing Stories, Tips and Perspective Through Padel

The Joy of Padel podcast, hosted by Minter Dial, a padel tennis player since 1974, and sponsored by Padel1969 is an exhilarating new show that delves into the captivating stories of notable padel personalities worldwide. You’ll be treated to exclusive anecdotes, valuable tips, and humorous moments shared by esteemed professional padel players, industry insiders, and passionate padel enthusiasts.

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The Team

Minter Dial

Minter Dial, an award-winning author and filmmaker, has been playing padel tennis for nearly 50 years, having started at the age at 10 in 1974 on the very first "public" padel tennis court at the Marbella Club. He has played padel in fifteen countries and tends to play 3-4 times each week in London, where he's based. He's been and continues to be a forever student of the sport and is definitively a loco aficionado of the sport.