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Behind the Doc takes you on a behind the scenes look at some of the most authentic, illuminating, and exciting documentaries chosen from the Gravitas Ventures collection.

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It's episode 16 of Behind the Doc and in this super special bonus episode Heather and B.C. talk with producer Sarah Willgrube all about the films and interviews of season 1!

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Ladies and Gentleman Inc, presents "Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story"

Evergreen Podcasts
If you grew up in the ’90’s like we did, you’ve probably seen an episode of two of “Ren & Stimpy,” and if not, you’ve definitely heard of it. The biggest cartoon of it’s time, things weren’t always what they seemed. This is the story about the creation of “Ren & Stimpy.”
Listen to Ladies and Gentleman Inc, presents "Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story"

David Jakubovic presents, "CBD Nation"

Evergreen Podcasts
In CBD Nation, director David Jakubovic, teaches the science behind CBD as well as introduces us to the growers, the doctors prescribing it, and those who’ve been saved by this amazing plant.
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"In The Belly of The Moon" is presented by A & M Productions

Evergreen Podcasts
Co-Directors, Antoine Hunt and Jüliz Ritchie, take us on a poetic journey of the maguey (agave) as it is harvested, roasted, and distilled transforming it into this spirit that we love.
Listen to "In The Belly of The Moon" is presented by A & M Productions

"Gamemaster" with Charles Mruz & Jimmy Nguyen

Evergreen Podcasts
Gamemaster takes us on a deep dive into the world of board gaming, its creators, and its players. We learn about the origin of games such as Exploding Kittens, and the famous Settlers of Catan.
Listen to "Gamemaster" with Charles Mruz & Jimmy Nguyen

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Gravitas Ventures is a worldwide film distributor that connects filmmakers and producers with a global audience of over a billion people. As they celebrate almost 15 years in business, they have had the honor to collaborate with thousands of artists to share important films with global audiences.

While not abandoning its digital roots, Gravitas Ventures is now one of the largest all rights distributors in the world, with the ability to distribute films into theaters and brick and mortar retailers. The company releases over 300 new films annually and is a scalable partner to new media outlets interested in licensing from our library of thousands of titles.

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The Team

Heather Grayson

After an internship at the Cleveland Film Commission, Heather became a writer and filmmaker, quickly falling in love with documentaries and the diverse characters each story holds.

B.C. Wehman

B.C. Wehman is an entertainer. His daily mantra is to learn something new, about someone new, every day, which is why it is no surprise that he loves documentaries.

Sarah Willgrube

When Sarah isn't using her rich background in film production to produce podcasts, you can find her painting or hiking the great outdoors.