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"In The Belly of The Moon" is presented by A & M Productions

Mezcal is an experience all in itself. Co-Directors, Antoine Hunt and Jüliz Ritchie, take us on a poetic journey of the maguey (agave) as it is harvested, roasted, and distilled transforming it into this spirit that we love. In The Belly of The Moon is based on the myths and folklore of the Oaxacan region of Mexico. This is the story of the many paths that mezcal travels and of the people it meets along the way. Tell us, how did mezcal find you?

Cast of Characters:

Antoine Hunt......Director

Juliz Ritchie.........Co-Director

Kent Evans...........Narrator

In The Belly of The Moon is distributed by Gravitas Ventures (

Antoine Hunt is an artist and filmmaker. His 2020 Bermuda Biennial artwork This Is Not A Home is a reflection upon his nomadic lifestyle which has seen him relocate his place of residence 19 times. Jüliz is also a multimedia artist, who has also lived all around the world. The two of them met while Jüliz was finishing her short film 400 Rabbits.
During the recording of this episode, Antoine was in Bermuda and Jüliz was in Berlin, making them one of our furthest teams to talk to!

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After an internship at the Cleveland Film Commission, Heather became a writer and filmmaker, quickly falling in love with documentaries and the diverse characters each story holds.

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When Sarah isn't using her rich background in film production to produce podcasts, you can find her painting or hiking the great outdoors.

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