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Recruiting Automation will be a topic we explore in a lot of detail over this coming year. The key to any automation strategy is removing friction in a way that saves time and resource but at the same time enhances the experience for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. I wanted to bring this to life by looking at a very specific recruiting process area, interview scheduling.

As we all know, talent acquisition has many nuances, and generic scheduling automation tools can often create more work than they save and damage the candidate experience. So how should we automate and what are the real benefits of doing it properly

To help answer this question my guests this week are Adam Bird CEO and Co-Founder of scheduling platform Cronofy and Jon Eyers founder of tech recruitment company Harvey Thomas.

In the interview, we discuss:

▪ Automating interview scheduling in a smart way

▪ Improving the candidate, recruiters and hiring manager experience

▪ Factoring recruiting nuances into automation

▪ Reducing friction to save time and increase value

▪ Remembering what humans are good at and recognising what computers are good at

▪ The future of recruiting automation

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