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From the conversations I've been having recently, it seems that the level of adoption for recruiting automation is going to dramatically increase as we come out of the current pandemic crisis. The problem though it that recruiting automation is often thrown around as a trend without any insight into the strategic and tactical practicalities of implementing it effectively.

To help give us an insight into what recruiting automation looks like in practice my guest this week is a highly experienced recruiter and talent acquisition leader Izzey Hung. Izzey has implemented automation and chatbot programmes at several employers and has some excellent insights to share.

In the interview, we discuss:

• Dealing with recruiting challenges

• A strategic process for recruiting automation

• The importance of understanding the market

• Getting your organization engaged

• How to decide what to automate

• A chatbot centric approach

• The benefits of recruiting automation

• Insight from new data points

• The future of recruiting automation

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Matt Alder is a strategic consultant, and globally recognised talent acquisition thought leader focusing on all aspects of HR technology, recruitment marketing and employer branding.

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