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Hosted by top 5 banking and fintech influencer, Jim Marous, Banking Transformed highlights the challenges facing the banking industry. Featuring some of the top minds in business, this podcast explores how financial institutions can prepare for the future of banking.

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According to the 2019 U.S. Financial Health Pulse report, less than 30% of Americans could be considered financially healthy, with millions of households not having enough money in savings to get through a month. These are the people who are the most at risk given today’s COVID-19 crisis.

The longer this crisis continues, the greater the financial impact on consumers at all levels. Protracted and dynamic pandemic conditions will also draw out anxiety and financial stress impacting relationships and creating underlying phychosocial behaviors. Unfortunately, things will get worse before they get better.

Today’s guest on the podcast is Jennifer Tescher, President & CEO of the Financial Health Network, the nation’s authority on consumer financial health. Tescher founded the Financial Health Network in 2004. During our interview, Jennifer shares her perspective on what both government and the banking industry need to do to support the financial health of all citizens.

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COVID-19 Will Change the Way Consumers Bank Forever

Jamie Warder, EVP and head of digital banking at KeyBank, discusses the way KeyBank is shifting to a more digital organization, while still supporting traditional channels and how KeyBank is responding to the recent marketplace changes.
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Organizations Should Double Down on Innovation Now

Jeremy Balkin, the head of innovation at HSBC, discusses the importance of innovation during times of disruption and how organizations can go further to illustrate empathy through innovation.
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Marketing During Times of Disruptive Change

Rohit Mahna, head of the financial services practice at Salesforce, discusses how organizations can combine empathy with solution-based marketing, and moving transactions to digital channels while remaining agile during turbulent times.
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How AI Can Revolutionize Banking

Dan Faggella, founder and CEO of the artificial intelligence research agency, Emerj, discusses the opportunities and challenges of AI in banking.
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Known for his understanding of the disruption in the banking industry, Marous is the co-publisher of The Financial Brand, and owner and publisher of the Digital Banking Report. Jim speaks on innovation, digital transformation, customer experience, marketing strategies, channel distribution, payments and change management.

Jim has been featured on CNBC, CNN, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Financial Times, The Economist, The American Banker, Fintech Finance and Accenture and has spoken to audiences worldwide.

Marous has also advised the White House on banking policy and is a contributor for Forbes and the Breaking Banks radio show.

Please visit the official Jim Marous website for more information.

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