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Hosted by top 5 banking and fintech influencer, Jim Marous, Banking Transformed highlights the challenges facing the banking industry. Featuring some of the top minds in business, this podcast explores how financial institutions can prepare for the future of banking.

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Research shows that the biggest banks and fintech firms are doing best at delivering digital experiences, while smaller banks and credit unions often struggle.

How can mid-tier organizations keep pace with consumer and small business expectations? Where should an organization start? How can you prioritize initiatives and partner with third-party solutions providers and fintech firms to innovate and create positive experiences at scale, quickly?

For answers to these and other questions, we are joined by Ross Creasy, Chief Innovation Officer at Ameris Bank in Georgia and Stuart Cook, Chief Digital Product Officer of Valley Bank in New Jersey. Both of these executives will share how they became leaders in digital banking transformation.

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More about Jim Marous

Known for his understanding of the disruption in the banking industry, Marous is the co-publisher of The Financial Brand, and owner and publisher of the Digital Banking Report. Jim speaks on innovation, digital transformation, customer experience, marketing strategies, channel distribution, payments and change management.

Jim has been featured on CNBC, CNN, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Financial Times, The Economist, The American Banker, Fintech Finance and Accenture and has spoken to audiences worldwide.

Marous has also advised the White House on banking policy and is a contributor for Forbes and the Breaking Banks radio show.

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