From First Lady to Jackie O

A companion podcast to the book "Jackie" by Paul Brandus

Everyone knows Jackie Kennedy Onassis was married to two of the 20th century’s most powerful men, but lesser known are the five incredible years between those marriages when she was on her own.

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Jacqueline Lee Bouvier had arrived in the nation’s capital in the Fall of 1950 as an anonymous college student. Now, less than 14 years later— the most famous woman in the world— she decided to flee DC and its now painful memories for her hometown of New York City.

This podcast is a companion to Paul Brandus's new book, "Jackie: Her Transformation from First Lady to Jackie O," now available in stores and online.

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Episode 4: Jackie's Private Hell

From First Lady to Jackie O
Jacqueline Kennedy’s private hell: the endless loop of crying, drinking, the nightmares, reliving those fateful seconds in Dallas, hearing the fatal shot over and over in her mind...
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Episode 3: The Dark, Lonely Winter

From First Lady to Jackie O
The Kennedy era began with such high hopes— no one could have predicted that it would have ended with Jackie burying two of her four children alongside their murdered father.
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Episode 2: There Will Never Be Another Camelot

From First Lady to Jackie O
Jackie Kennedy had her own idea of what her husband's legacy should be— so she took matters into her own hands.
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Episode 1: The Invisible Man

From First Lady to Jackie O | E:1
If you stood the handsome and charming President John F Kennedy next to the squat and abrasive Greek business tycoon Aristotle Onassis, you might assume they had nothing in common— but in fact, they were both wealthy, hyper-competitive, and big time womanizers, stopping at nothing to get whatever—and whoever— they desired.
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More About Jackie by Paul Brandus

Jackie O Book

Purchase the book here.

The world was shocked when Jacqueline Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis in 1968. It would not have been so surprising had the truth of their relationship—which dated back to the 1950s—been known. Jackie knew Ari almost as long as she had known John F. Kennedy—and saw qualities in him (besides money) that she found highly attractive.

The five years between her marriages to JFK and Onassis are often overlooked. But it was an incredible period of growth and change for Jackie. How did the world’s most famous woman remain so enigmatic? What was she really like? This book reveals the real Jackie, the one that hid behind her trademark large sunglasses.

In this book, you’ll learn about:

  • Jackie’s lovers—and the one man she regretted not marrying
  • The secret, second burial of JFK
  • Her evolution from “political wife Jackie” into “nightclubbing, party girl Jackie”
  • Her own near death in 1967
  • Her influence on pop art, fashion, and design

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