That's a Hard No

The podcast about saying no and setting boundaries.

Welcome to That’s a Hard No, the podcast about saying no and setting boundaries so you can become the authentic and empowered you that this world needs.

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More about That's a Hard No

On this podcast, we talk with interesting people about all the different ways we can and should say no, and why it’s so darned hard for most of us to do it. Tune in for inspiring conversations and concrete strategies to help you start saying no to what’s blocking you and make room for good things yet to come.

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The Team

Heather Drago

Founder and Chief Strategist at Clever Girl Marketing, Heather is a mom and recent cancer survivor. When she declared 2019 her "Year of No," she made it her mission to say no at least once every day and to overcome the fear and guilt associated with setting boundaries.

Sarah Saunders

Owner and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor at Purposeful Growth and Wellness, Sarah is a mom of 3 (soon to be 4) young boys 5 and under. She is a recovering perfectionist, with a strong passion for helping people find their path to growth and healing.