Cheer: A Holiday Podcast

Every Holiday Has a Story

Join us year round as we celebrate magic of the holidays! From St. Patrick's Day to Christmas, from Flag Day to Halloween, we bring to life the magic of the holidays. Instead of a stale greeting card every season, we give you enchanting narratives, iconic music, and silly interviews that the whole family can enjoy.

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The Forsaken Merman

Michael DeAloia, Evergreen's CEO and poet-in-residence, does a dramatic reading of of Matthew Arnold's Eastertide poem, "The Forsaken Merman." In this story Margaret (a seemingly human woman) leaves her merman husband and children when she hears a church's Easter bells, drawn to renew her spiritual life through prayer.

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St. Patrick's Day: The Story of St. Patrick and the Slithering Snakes

Evergreen Cheer
Celebrating the holiday of St. Patrick's Day with a little storytelling and a little green beer.
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Friendly Beasts

Evergreen Cheer
The kindergarten students from Padre Pio Academy share their Christmas Pageant performance...
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Little Drummer Boy

Evergreen Cheer
Behold this larger-than-life rendition of “The Little Drummer Boy”, featuring the bass and vocal performance of David Allen Moss, Evergreen’s Chief Creative Officer.
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Burn the Goats

Evergreen Cheer | S:2 E:5
Every December, in a small city in Sweden, a pair of giant straw goats goes up in the city square and the rest of the world waits to see when and how they will be destroyed. This is the story of the Gävle Goat, told by Producer, Isabel Robertson.
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