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Canʼt Stop Talking about History? Neither can we!

Every weekend, Thomas Reszka and Peter Zablocki will talk to you about random history, pop culture, politics, and education in a way that sounds like you are sitting in the classroom having a fun discussion with your favorite teacher. The conversation is always very straightforward, light-hearted, and easy to follow.

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The Team

Peter Zablocki

Historian, Author, Teacher, Podcaster. Peter has been teaching for 18 years, including courses in World History, Military History, Sociology, Advanced Placement United States History I and II, Advanced Placement Seminar and Research, and International Baccalaureate High Level History- America and the World. He is a Vice-President of the Denville Historical Society, Museum, and Research Center in New Jersey.

Tom Reszka

Teacher, Podcaster, and School Administrator. Tom has been teaching for 18 years, including courses in World History, Ancient Civilization, World Cultures, Western Civilization, United States History I and II, Sociology, Law and Justice, Advanced Placement Government and Civics, Advanced Placement United States History.