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Join author, educator, and learner, Annmarie Kelly as she laughs, cries, and kvetches with the writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and wanderers who inspire all of us to reach beyond our divisions and discover what it means to be wild, precious, and brave.

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Finding Faith with Bunmi Laditan

Bunmi Laditan is a mom, writer, and self-proclaimed "domestic failure." She has written a number of fantastic books including the hilarious Honest Toddler, and her most recent heartfelt title, Dear God. In this episode, Bunmi walks us through lessons in faith, grace, love, and forgiveness. Annmarie and Bunmi discuss normalizing anxiety, how humor can be born from adversity, and how to survive when children turn our worlds upside-down.

Annmarie first encountered Bunmi Laditan's work when they were both young moms doing their best to raise young children and survive the long days. If you are in the trenches and looking for kindred spirits and hints about how to do this parenting gig better, check out the resources below:

Happily Family -- Parenting Is Tough, Don’t Do It Alone! Join thousands of other parents and teachers living more happily in their homes and classrooms.

Glennon Doyle -- Looking for everyday inspiration? Follow Glennon's stories and nonprofit work and remember: "The braver we are, the luckier we get."

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Introducing: Wild Precious Life with Annmarie Kelly

Introducing: Wild Precious Life with Annmarie Kelly
Listen to Introducing: Wild Precious Life with Annmarie Kelly

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