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Join author, educator, and learner, Annmarie Kelly as she laughs, cries, and kvetches with the writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and wanderers who inspire all of us to reach beyond our divisions and discover what it means to be wild, precious, and brave.

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Dare to Be Challenged with Mikki Kendall

Mikki Kendall is a writer, activist, and “occasional feminist” whose book, Hood Feminism, challenges us to rethink our perspectives on what it means to be a woman, an ally, and a progressive member of any community. Annmarie and Mikki discuss education reform, sexuality, affordable housing, and whether watching The Muppet Show can be both escapist AND a feminist battle cry.

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Books by Mikki Kendall:

AMAZONS, ABOLITIONISTS, AND ACTIVISTS, a graphic novel illustrated by A. D’Amico

HOOD FEMINISM: Notes from the Women that a Movement Forgot

You can also find one of Mikki’s favorite books, ROLL OF THUNDER, HEAR MY CRY, by Mildred D. Taylor, at an independent bookstore near you.

Here’s a trailer for one of Mikki’s favorite scary movies, The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane.

If you are not yet a fan, here’s a classic episode of The Muppet Show.

Follow Mikki Kendall:

Twitter: @Karnythia

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karnythia/


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