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Since 2013, Storyworth has helped people write their life stories— the big stories and the small ones. On this podcast, our real-life writers volunteered to share their stories publicly... with you.

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Barbara, who was your first best friend?

Storyworth | S:3 E:2
In our Thanksgiving episode, the author shares a touching story about a lifelong friendship that she is endlessly grateful for....
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Carol, do you have any love letters?

Storyworth | S:3 E:1
In honor of Veteran's Day, we're sharing a collection of love letters sent between newlyweds during World War II....
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Father’s Day Special 2023

Storyworth | S:1 E:10
We’re sharing some less-conventional stories this time around– stories that go a little deeper than usual, and explore the man behind the incredib...
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Mother’s Day Special 2023

Storyworth | S:2 E:9
We’re celebrating Mother’s Day with three beautiful stories read by their authors, from the joy of becoming a grandparent to ushering a beloved mo...
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For when you want to...

Feel connected to loved ones, weekly stories help you stay connected to your loved ones over any distance. Preserve your memories, keep a memoir of the past to pass on to future generations. Learn about people that matter, discover things you never knew about your family, and grow closer together.

Over the last 8 years, Storyworth has helped people from all walks of life tell millions of stories. About first jobs and first loves. Childhood friends and favorite foods. The moments that changed everything and the little things that meant the world. I want our company to reflect the meaning of your stories. The way they connect us, teach us about our history, and remind us of our shared humanity. I want to honor the trust you’ve placed in us by choosing Storyworth as the keeper of those stories.

Founder of Storyworth

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The Team

Nick Baum

Nick was born in Stockholm, grew up in France, and studied Computer Science at Dartmouth College. He moved out to California in 2005 to work for Google, where he met his wife Krista.

Krista Baum

Krista is from Pleasanton CA, and has a finance degree from BYU.

Hannah Rae Leach

Senior Producer
Hannah is a podcast producer, host, writer, and musician with an appreciation for all things pink.