Mr. Bunker’s Conspiracy Time Podcast

Comedian skeptics delve into all things bizarre!

Each week, Andy and Art, two Chicago comedians and skeptics, are abducted by the titular Mr. Bunker. Mr. Bunker brings Andy and Art to his secret doomsday bunker where they must podcast about various conspiracy theories, paranormal activity, UFOs, and all things bizarre!

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Press Release


...two unsuspecting skeptic comedians named Andy Hart and Arthur Stone went and got themselves abducted by a conspiracy theorist and illusionary mastermind known to his "friends" simply as "Mr.Bunker." Week after week, Andy and Art are bound to Bunker's secret underground doomsday shelter and forced to podcast his various conspiracy theories and strange paranormal phenomenon to the world at his will. Through copious amounts of research, debate, and ridiculousness, prepare to be convinced that like the guy on the street corner says, "the end is nigh". And that's okay!

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The Team

Art Stone

Art is a Chicago-based comedian and podcaster. He hates Mondays and loves lasagna.

Andy Hart

Andy is a Chicago-based comedian and podcaster. He is exclusively fueled by Diet Dr. Pepper and gummy candy.